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A great place to start would be Crucial ( which has one of the best memory searches out there. Simply select the make and model of your motherboard and Crucial will tell you all of the types of RAM that it can accept, with pricing.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 00:59:31
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Q: How can you tell before buying a motherboard if certain RAM will work in it?
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I am going to assume you're being technical and using the term CPU meaning the processor specifically. Usually when you buy a motherboard located somewhere in the specifications it will tell you what "socket" the motherboard supports. Just like how only US electrical plugs will fit into US electrical outlets, it is the same for motherboards. For example, the Asus Intel P965 Motherboard states it supports socket 775 processors. Usually the motherboard will have the processor it supports in the title name, this one being Asus Intel. So by buying that motherboard you would go and buy a processor, that's made by Intel, with a socket 775 fit. Unfortunately technology has its limitations, so if you buy a motherboard and your socket becomes outdated, you will probably have to buy a new motherboard to accommodate the new sockets if you ever want to upgrade the processor. On the plus side, motherboards aren't all that expensive. However, processors ARE expensive, especially if you plan to go over 2 Gigahertz in speed. The Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor E6800 2.93 GHz processor costs $1,049.99, according to Best Buy. So, make sure you plan your computer investments wisely.