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Females will have more of a V in there tail than a male will.

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Q: How can you tell between a female and a male goldfish?
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How do you tell between female or male goldfish?

Female goldfish are usually bigger than male goldfish.

How do you tell the differece between male and female goldfish?

the female will be fat, and it will have its mouth open, and wont stop yelling at the male lol

Why is there a difference in male and female energy needs?

i want to know how to tell a gender of a goldfish please tell me write back which goldfish is a male and which is a female?

How can you tell if a goldfish is a girl or a boy?

A female goldfish grows at a slower rate then a male goldfish wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - A girl goldfish has a protruding anus, a male does not.

How can you tell a female goldfish to a male goldfish?

You need goldfish that are at least 2 years old (That's when they are old enough to mate). You can tell most easily when it is spring, and the male goldfish have small dots on their fins. They mate in the summer. Also, female goldfish tend have more livid colors than the male goldfish. This is not true for all fish. If there happens to be a male and female goldfish in the same tank, the male chases the female regularly and appears to attack it.

More info about how to tell a boy goldfish from a girl goldfish?

The difference between a male goldfish and a female is that the female is usually bigger and in spring and the male gains a white pimple type substance on it's gill flap also the female is more of a gold color and the the male is a silver color.

How do you tell if your tropical goldfish is an male or female?

There is very little sexual dimorphism between male and female goldfish. Male goldfish are generally more slender, because they lack ovaries. Female goldfish may have swollen abdomens. Unless you are a professional, it is not advised to breed goldfish at home, because they cannot lay their eggs due to selective breeding. The eggs must be squeezed out of the female, when they are ready.

How can you tell that a fan tail goldfish is male or female?

because it has a red head

How do you tell a male goldfish from a male goldfish?

There is no difference

Can you tell if a goldfish is male or female by the tails?

No. The only way to tell the difference between male and female goldfish visually is to observe them when they are in breeding season/condition. At this time the male fish develop white spots on their gill plates and pectoral fins. The females simply get more chubby as they fill up with ova (eggs)

How can you tell if your comet goldfish is a girl or boy?

The male will chase the female around the tank.

How can you tell if your goldfish is a female?

The female goldfish has a deeper body

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