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You can tell by his behaviour. Is it respectful? Also, time tells a lot. And like it or not who or what you are in your heart will show.

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Q: How can you tell how he really feels about you?
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What does it mean if you dream about your boyfriend denying you?

Sorry to tell you, but this could be how he really feels.

What does it mean if a guy trusts you to tell how he feels?

If a guy truest you enough to tell you his feelings that means he really likes you.

Does naruto ever tell Hinata how he feels about her?

Not really. He said he liked her once (as a friend).

Why doesn't my boyfriend tell me how he feels?

Answer It could be that your boyfriend isn't the best communicator in the world and really doesn't know how to tell you how he feels. There is a way around this if you want to try it. You can always ask him questions about how he feels about something and see how he responds.

Why does Adam like being gay?

I really couldn't tell you. Its a matter of what he feels and no one can ever really know unless he tells them.

You and this boy have met a couple of times now but you fell in love with him you told him how you really felt about him you really want to know how he feels shall you go and ask him or shall you let?

It is really up to you about that. If you are tired of waiting for the guy to tell you how he feels, then you can ask him or just wait forever and ever. He may tell you, or he may not. If you don't want to flat out ask him, then create the oppertunity for him to tell you.

If a guy likes you and he knows u still live with your ex would that bother him and make him not tell u how he really feels about u for some reason?

sorry to tell you, but he probably won't tell you how he feels, it'll make him feel awkward. sorry!

What do you do when you really want a girl but your not sure she wants you?

the best thing is to tell her how you feel because if you don't you'll never know how she really feels about you.

Why is Ponyboy so reluctant to tell Darry how he really feels afterwards in the book the outsiders?

because he is black

Does naruto tell sakura he loves her?

Not exactly, a friend of Naruto's tells Sakura and then she feels really bad

You are friends with a girl you really want to go out with how do you know if she feels the same way?

You talk to her, and tell her how you feel.

What should you think if you do small gestures of love and he wont respond back?

Well he might just be scared to tell you how he really feels and is waiting for you to tell him.

If you're in love with a girl who is a friend should you tell her?

Just try to answer yourself the question, for example what would happen if you don't tell her and she really really like you. you would never know because you were to afraid to tell her that you loved her, you really dont lose anything and if she is really your friend she will understand you and tell you how she feels but she wont stop being your friend. just tell her you will feel a lot better

How do you know you're sure?

It's really hard to tell, you have to decide for yourself. When it just feels right then you will know.

What is the lessons learned in the skin I'm in?

maleeka stop being scared of char tell what she really feels about everything

How do you tell if your boyfriend was hurt when you broke up with him if you know he won't tell you how he feels?

if he dosent talk to u The fact that he won't tell you how he feels tells you that he feels hurt.

What does it mean when a guy is mean to you and you like this guy?

it means he likes you, he is just afraid to tell you or show you how he really feels , so don't be afraid to tell him how you feel.

How do you tell a girl you love her if you've been told she only wants to be your friend?

You just ignore what others say and tell her and let her tell you how she really feels. I hope all goes well for you!

How does John Cena feel when stepping out into the crowd?

Ask him. No one can really tell what someone else feels or is feeling like.

How do you tell your boyfriend you are meant to be?

Well first if you really like him that much, you would just tell him that you guys need to talk and that you are meant for him and if he feels the same about you, your relationship is good.

How do you tell your parents that you are dating when you are not aloud to date?

just tell them tht you have found a really nice guy tht u are intrested in and he is really nice and he feels the same about you ! and tell them yall have ben dating ! just make sure you tell them all the good things about him ! so your parents will like him!

How do you know if he really into you?

When a guy can be his complete self around you and people tell you how much he really cares, then you will know when a guy is really into you. if he feels he needs space, let him have it. ITS IMPORTANT! Good Luck<3

What does LSD and marijuana do when mixed?

Smoking weed helps the LSD kick in faster, so it seems. It feels really good to smoke while frying but you can't really tell if your really smoking or not even when you know you are

How can you tell if your boyfriend is still in love with his ex girlfriend?

u cant really tell this but if he feels kinda jealous that she talks with other guys more than him, u know what that means...

How do you tell a girl how you feel about her i really like her i wnt to tell her withour ending our fredship?

Act natual! Tell her how you really feel deep down, If she feels the same she'll smile and she will reply if not she wont be able to look at you. Just be honest and be yourself.

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