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Weight gain is usually the best way to tell. Once the female has been bred, check her weight weekly and you should see a steady gain. Toward the end of term, she may "show" by looking wider than normal. One way for sure is to have the skink x-rayed at the vet. When you have determined she is pregnant, monitor her closely towards the end of her term. Supervised birthing is advised for these skinks. Move the babies to another enclosure after they have consumed their birth-sac. the bellies go pink

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How can you tell if a blue tongue lizard is pregnant?

They get very fat and their breathing because slightly strained.

How do you tell if my blue belly lizard is pregnant?

they might get a little bigger and they will start building a nest

How can you tell a boy blue tongue lizard from a girl blue tongue lizard?

How to tell a blue tounge lizards if it is a boy or a girl

How can you tell if a blue belly lizard is pregnant?

If you know for sure it is a girl and you want to know if it is pregnant, you pick it up and fell her stomach if she is pregnant you will be able to fell the eggs...... hope this helps!

Can you tell me the Sex of a blue tounged lizard?


How do you tell if a Eastern Fence Lizard is Pregnant?

I dont really know

How do i tell if my jeweled curly tailed lizard is pregnant?

It gives birth

How can you tell when an armadillo lizard is pregnant?

it is usually bigger and does not move much

How do you tell if a blue belly lizard has eggs?

u cant

How do you tell if a fence lizard is male or female?

males are blue and females are red

How do you tell the difference between male and female blue tongued skinks?

how can you tell the differences between the sexes of baby western blue tongue lizards, i have four of em, they are abot 4 to 5 weeks old

How do you tell when an anole lizard is pregnant?

you can tell because she looks like her abdomen is about to burst or you can hold a flashlight to her belly. (carefull though)

How can you tell when your lizard is pregnant?

If your lizard is pregnant, it will probably have a larger stomach, because the eggs are developing inside. Also, she may be extensively digging because she is trying to make a burrow to lay her eggs, but this will only be if she has been pregnant for a while. If you would like to, GENTLY feel the underside of your lizard, if you feel large bulges toward her tail/lower abdomen, she is most likely pregnant.

How old is your blue belly lizard?

If you're asking how can you tell how old your blue belly lizard is, then it's easy you just look at how many spots there are. But if you're asking how old is mine, then the answer would be 6 (:

How do you tell a boy fence lizard from a girl fence lizard?

Male fence Lizards have a blue coloring on the bottom on the throut and along the bottom side of the belly

How do you tell if your western fence lizard is pregnant?

look for a swollen belly, inflated... you know. also if it starts screaching

How do you tell the sex of a western fence lizard?

The males have dark bright blue bellies(and throats). The females have lighter blue bellies(and throats).

How do you tell if a blue belly lizard is a boy or a girl?

The males usually have blue on their underbellies. Females do not usually. If you want a for sure answer go to a vet.

What rank was General George Washington in the revolutionary war?

how do you tell a male or female blue belly lizard

Can you tell if your pregnant by the first two weeks?

you could be pregnant in the first 2 weeks if pregnancy test is blue

How do you tell your lizard is pregnant?

when it is fat and it doesn't move that much all it is going to do is just sit there and make it look like he or she is sick.

How can you tell if a blue belly lizard is a boy or girl?

Well I have 3 blue belies at home one way to tell them apart is look at the size or color females are dark and small males are light and big

How do you tell what gender is a blue belly lizard?

Most blue bellys are 'fence lizards' and I believe the female have blue bands on their belly, and the males have blue bands on their belly as well as blue on their throats. This blue on the males throat may not be visilble on hatchlings.

How can you tell if a blue tonge lizard is a boy or girl?

Bluie girls have read tomes I'm pretty shore because they're fatter and Bluey boys are mostly blue green umm if not ill give you a link kk or ask your nerby lizard geek hope Ive help BTW I'm a lizard geek i love them <(^_^)>

How can you tell how old a lizard is Are there any markings?

you can't really tell how old a lizard is I've had a lizard and it's quiet hard to tell you will just have to guess you could look at the size and pattern and colour but there is no definite way to tell sorry