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How can you tell if a boy likes you if he is shy?

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2007-11-17 01:27:57

Well, I like a boy. I don't know if he is shy or not, though. I

think he likes me, and I've noticed that he stares at me. Like, I

live near my school, and my mom couldn't find her car keys so she

rode my bike to pick me up. So we were on our way back home. I was

stopping along the way because my mom was walking slow. And then,

the boy I like, his car, rushed past me. In his car he was there,

staring at me. Maybe you can tell by the shy boys looking at you. I

guess he admires you and he probably told his friends. He stares at

you because he wants to see what you are up to and stuff. If you

like that shy boy, then you should be friends with him. Start by

greeting him. Give him a compliment and ask him if he wants to play

with you. If he says no, don't worry. He should be still shy. If he

says yes, carry on. Start a conversation. Ask him if you want to be

friends. Then, teach him not to be shy. Introduce him to everyone

he doesn't know. After a week or so, tell him you like him. He'll

say it too. But actually, you gotta make sure he likes you. If he

says no (like when he says no to play with you, that no), heres

some more steps. Just make a conversation. Get to know each other.

He should say yes eventually. If not, then tell him he can play

with his friends and that you will join in soon. If he doesn't have

any friends, tell him that you would be happy to be his friend.

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