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How can you tell if a boy likes you if he is shy?

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Well, I like a boy. I don't know if he is shy or not, though. I think he likes me, and I've noticed that he stares at me. Like, I live near my school, and my mom couldn't find her car keys so she rode my bike to pick me up. So we were on our way back home. I was stopping along the way because my mom was walking slow. And then, the boy I like, his car, rushed past me. In his car he was there, staring at me. Maybe you can tell by the shy boys looking at you. I guess he admires you and he probably told his friends. He stares at you because he wants to see what you are up to and stuff. If you like that shy boy, then you should be friends with him. Start by greeting him. Give him a compliment and ask him if he wants to play with you. If he says no, don't worry. He should be still shy. If he says yes, carry on. Start a conversation. Ask him if you want to be friends. Then, teach him not to be shy. Introduce him to everyone he doesn't know. After a week or so, tell him you like him. He'll say it too. But actually, you gotta make sure he likes you. If he says no (like when he says no to play with you, that no), heres some more steps. Just make a conversation. Get to know each other. He should say yes eventually. If not, then tell him he can play with his friends and that you will join in soon. If he doesn't have any friends, tell him that you would be happy to be his friend. Help someone else with these tips.

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If a shy boy likes you how will he react when you stare at him?

When you look at a shy boy that likes you he will be nervous and will start blushing!

What is the meaning of shy?

shy means that you are unable to say things like other people do such as if a girl is shy and she likes a boy she would not want to tell him because she is shy

What if you know the boy likes you but he is just to shy to tell?

You Just need to ask him if he does and see what comes out of it ,

How can you tell if a shy boy likes you through texts?

You should play truth or dare. It worked for me

How can a shy girl tell a boy she really likes him?

Well you can drop hints like hug him or ask him out?

If a boy is shy around you what does this mean?

He likes you.

How do you know if shy boy likes you?

Ask him

How do you tell a boy in fifth grade such as you likes you back?

tell a friend of him if who he likes and then tell it to him in personal and if he is shy to tell it to u this is what u will say,''hey,wanna go out someplace,ok? and he will totally say sure>........

What does it mean when a boy wants to tell you he likes you but he is too shy to say it?

He's either scared of rejection, or isn't ready to tell you yet.

What if a boy is shy to date you?

If you can tell that he really likes you but he is shy ask him if he's doing anything later on and suggest that you two hang out alone or with a group of friends.

How do you know that a boy likes you if their friend told you?

Because he probably wanted his friend to tell you that because he was to shy to do it.'(x That's what I think because this boy that liked me' had his friend tell me'(;

Why are boys shy of girls and like to look at us?

If a boy is shy of a girl and likes to look at her it means he likes her.

What should you do if you know a boy likes you but he is very shy so he won't tell you?

Ask him if he likes you straight out when he least expects..He'll tell you the truth because it's a spontanious move////

How do you tell if a shy girl likes you when you are shy to?

man up and ask her

Why won't a girl tell a guy that she likes him?

cause what if the boy laughs in her face. because she might be shy Because girls get scared the boy wont like them back, but they will never know if a guy likes them or not unless they tell them that they love them.

How can a shy preteen boy know if a shy girl likes him?

well, if shes shy, its hard to tell. but if you catch her eyeing you when you aren't looking, its a possibility, or getting red when you walk by. good luck

How can you tell if a 10 year old boy likes you?

if you tell hem that you like hem and he says i do not like you on the play ground he likes you he is just shy and if he is mean to you only you he likes you if he just starts saying bad thing about u he likes you

How do you get a boy to ask you out when your in year 6 and he's in year 6?

If you really like him you should do it your self. If you are to shy though talk to his friends and tell them to tell the boy you like to ask you out if he likes you

If a boy picks at you all the time and looks at you all the time but act like he likes your friend what does that mean?

This probably means he likes you, and is too shy to tell you.

How do you tell a boy you like him if your both shy and you can tell he likes you?

you simply give him a note before school ends or else back to number 1 for you.

How should you tell him you like him when you are Asian and you have a crush on a white boy and you know that he likes you but is too shy to ask you out first?

Just tell him the truth, its not that hard.

Why won't a boy tell me who he likes?

Because then he will have to admit he doesn't like you, which will hurt you and he doesn't want to do that. Or maybe he's shy.

How can i tell a shy 10 year old boy likes you?

if he constantly glances toward you, wants to be your partner for something, etc.

What to do if you ask a boy if he likes you but he is to shy to answer?

i dont no mabye

Signs a shy guy likes you are?

There is a few ways you can tell when a shy guy likes you. You can tell by the way he looks at you, smiles, sets near you or touches you.