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If she chooses not to let you know you wont know.

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When they like Justin bieber :)

youll just see it in her eyes and very horney trust me cuz im a girl..

they get wet, and it turns them on

Feel his crotch, or just ask him!

well when guys get horney they get a boner but when a girl gets horney that clear liquid comes out their vagina its normal

Yes. That's what I have to say for you

She is an anglo-italian singer called Gala.

It means the girl likes getting you horney.. she thinks its funny

Because I'm a frosh with raging testosterone . Message me if your a girl

when are women most horney and what makes them horney if they already arent

because they have really horney sex and then the boy cums in the girl and they has a baby!

That would be an issue between you in private with others.

lol what no i am not horney im a teenager i don't have time to be horney!-_-

You ask the person if they will have sex with you or if they will make out with you and you also tell them if you are horney or not.

Youll see a thingy poping through his pants

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bring a unfixed dog to your dog,you cannot get your dog horney by yourself, and if you asked "How do you get your dog horney?" get a girlfriend, you creep!

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Well a girl can get horny at any age but most likely at age 12 and around that

It's illegal to do anything sexual with a 13yo so you don't. When she is old enough she can tell you herself what she likes because no one else will know since we are all individuals and like different things.

horney in Arabic it ( mhayaj)

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