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Ear mites leave a black sticky residue that you should be able to see. With a cotton swab, carefully wipe the inside of the ear and see if you remove a dark oily or grainy substance. If so, it could be ear mites.

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Can people get ear mites from guinea pigs?

it depends on if you get close and personal with your guinea pig and they have ear mites. the best thing to do is look for the same symptoms as your guinea pig had and go to the doctor as soon as possible.

My guinea pig has ear mites so can you use miticide for cats on your guinea pig?

No. Go to the vetrinarian and chance is your guinea pig will be left there for about two weeks. If you think they are ear mites they could also be ear worms, which look thye same. (flaky scaby ears)

Can a guinea pig that has mites pass it to humans?

No, a guinea pig can not pass on mites to a human.

Can a guinea pig get mites?

OH YES. Guinea pigs get mites sometimes. Make sure you get your guinea pig from a place that is clean and takes care of their pets well. Because when my friend got her guinea pig, she got it from a crappy store in the mall, and it had mites. If your guinea pig does happen to get mites, you get rid of them by shampooing them with special mite shampoo.

Does betting need to be changed if a guinea pig has mites?

yes.if your pig has mites then you should clean the bedding out.

Your guinea pig has small yellow creatures crawling in its fur what is this?

Mites. Treat any pig with suspected mange mites with ivermectin.

How can you tell if your guinea pig has mites?

Usually scaly patches with scabs and touch the area that you think they have mites, if they squeal they might have mites. Take them the vet's and they can tell you if they have mite's or not. It does take a long time for them to clear up so be careful!

What is wrong with the long haired guinea pig he is losing hair?

Take him to a vet he could have mites or guinea pig lice.

Why does a guinea pig jump around in circles?

Because it has mites.

Can someone give you some advice please your guinea pig is losing its fur and has a sore on its back re scratching could it be mites?

well .... it could be that your guinea pig has mites but it could also be something from outside. Something you can do to please your guinea pig is to masauge it in back of its ears.

Can your guinea pig die from mites?

If you leave it long enough, yes. :(

What bugs can be found on a guinea pig?


What do you do with a guinea pig with mites or lice?

Take them to a vetrinarian. There vet will prescribe a medicine they are to take to kill off the mites.

What is wrong with the guinea pig if his ear is pink with thinning hair?

Then your guinea pig has probablly a serious disease

What does it mean if your guinea pig chews its hair?

When your guinea pig chews its hair, there is something in its fur like mites or fleas. You should ask your veternarian

How can you tell a guinea pig is ready to have her babies?

You can tell that the Guinea Pig will give birth soon(in a week) if the pelvic area of the female Guinea Pig separates.

What do you do if your guinea pigs ear is bitten?

well I have a guinea pig pig with a half gone ear and she's fine. it's very common for you to have a guinea pig with a bitten ear. somtimes it turns out that your guinea pig was just born with it. but one of the main reasons alot of guinea pigs have that defect is because when their born the father will try to eat the baby guinea pig if you don't remove it from the cage emidetly. no one knows why but they always go for the ear first. but if your guinea pigs have baby's and the father gets the ear take it to the vet. but if you bought it at the pet store and it came like that then you do nothing special to it.

Why are mites on your guinea pigs eyes?

Guinea pigs can get mites for several reasons, they may pick it up from another animal or they may just be living in an environment that needs to be clean. If your guinea pig has mites take it to a vet or call one IMMEDIATELY.

How do you tell how old a guinea pig is?

Well, the way to tell how old your guinea pig is to look for b

What are symptoms of guinea pig mites?

Well first your guinea pig starts losing hair then it gets sick and it gets really skinny and then it dies s get a vet to have a check up on your guinea pig once a week

Is there a test to tell if a female guinea pig is pregnant?

I don't think there is a test to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant, but a pregnant guinea pig will not let you rub its stomach. If you are still unsure, take your guinea pig to a vet.

What could be wrong with your guinea pig if she has some scabby areas on her back side and they itch her?

This sounds like mites to me. I'd take her into the vet. :( Your guinea pig probably has mites.Take him/her to a small animal vet and they will give you the proper medicine.Don't put off going to the vet,if the mites get bad enough they can kill a guinea pig.

How to tell if you guinea pig has had babies before?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if a guinea pig has ever had babies before.

What should you do if your guinea pig keeps losing fur behind its ear?

If your guinea pig is young, it is normal, since they are born with all of their fur and they would start to lose fur behind their ear as they age. For the past 8 years of having 4 guinea pigs, every single one lost hair from behind their ears as they aged. However, if your guinea pig is elderly, it could have mites and you should take it to the vet. 1-4 months is a good age to reassure yourself that losing ear hair is a normal way of a cavy's (guinea pig's) life.

How many times do you wash your guinea pig?

Your guinea pig does not have to be washed unless theyAre going to a showDirtyHave mitesReally hot (Don't wash them put them in water)

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