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Ask her. Nothing will tell you.

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Q: How can you tell if a lady is a virgin?
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Can expressions tell that one is virgin?

It's difficult to tell whether one's a virgin from an expression but by constantly talking to someone you can tell whether she is not a virgin or it's easier to tell a non-virgin than a virgin.

What if your crush asked you if your a virgin?

if the girl is freaky tell her u not a virgin but if she not a freak tell her you are a virgin

Is Our Lady of Carmel the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is another name that refers to the virgin Mary

Are Lady Fatima and Virgin Mary the same person?

Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadelupe, The Virgin Mary, St. Mary - they are all the same person.

How was the Virgin Mary depicted?

As the mother of Jesus As a spiritual lady As a virgin

Is Lady Gaga a non virgin?

no because in bad Romans she said 3 same words that are not from Virginia i tell u

Is Our Lady of Guadalupe a saint?

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a title given the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mexico, The Virgin mary is a saint.

If a lady is doing fingering she will virgin or not?

Even if a lady id doing fingering , she will remain a virgin, until she has intercourse with a male partner.

What is the complete list of names of the Virgin Mary?

Mother of God, Thetokus, Queen of Heaven, Star of the Sea, Blessed Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary, Saint Mary, Holy Mary, Holy Virgin, Our Lady, Our Lady of ____, Our Mother, Our Queen, Queen of this Earth, Lady of Lords

What is Our Lady?

The Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

What makes a lady a virgin?

no sex yet

How can you tell if you are a pregnant virgin?

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

How do you know if a celebrity is a virgin?

You can't tell anyone is a virgin unless they tell you, celebrity or not.

How do you tell your boyfriend you are not a virgin?

Just tell him.

Can the gynecologist tell if your a virgin or not?

Yes they can tell.

Can you tell a virgin by her nipples?

No you can not tell a virgin by just looking at her nipples, you must look at her hymen.

How can you tell a guy im a virgin?

say im a virgin.

All titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary?

There are many titles for Mary. I could tell you 2. Our lady of Guadalupe and Our lady of knox. I could tell you another one too. Mary Mother of God. You can go to Our lady of Guadalupe shrine in La Crosse, Wisconsin to see all her titles.

Can a boy tell if you are a virgin?


Can your parents tell if you are not a virgin?

No they can not.

Can a guy tell if your a virgin?


Why is Our Lady of Lourdes a saint?

Our Lady of Lourdes is one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

What is the biography of Our Lady of Fatima?

Our Lady of Fatima is one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Who is called a lady in the Catholic Church?

The Blessed Virgin Mary is sometimes referred to as 'Our Lady.'

What are the effects of breast sucking on virgin lady?

She will likely enjoy it but just as likely remain a virgin