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How can you tell if a tooth nerve is infected or just inflamed?


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Go to the dentist! You can not run around with a infection in your tooth. If you think you have a infection in your tooth that is enough reson to go to the dentist. They know if a nerve is infected or inflamed.


Even if it is inflamed that means that the dental nerve is infected with bacteria, and if left untreated it can lead to gangrene and root treatment.

See this video about infection of the dental nerve



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no it dose not it just make the tooth irritated

Yes it is, seeing as the tooth generally will not effect your muscles or nerves to the extent of extreme physical damage.If the tooth becomes infected, inflamed or irritated any more than it is or you begin to experience numbness, pain in other areas of your mouth, or random bleeding, do not work out as you may be at risk of an infection being transferred to your blood and then to other areas of your body.If the tooth is only sore and not a real problem, then yes you can work out, just keep an eye on it and try not to let it get infected.

Trust me it doesn't even hurt.The worst part is the shot that makes you numb and that is not even badIf you are really worried just close your eyes the whole tie, listen to music, or anything. You will be fineWhen your tooth is infected it hurts because there is a nerve in the middle. Your dentist will numb the tooth/nerve and remove the nerve from inside the tooth and clean and fill the canals with an organic material.http://hoytdental.com/blog/does-a-root-canal-hurt/

The tooth will continue to hurt for a couple reasons, either the nerve in the tooth has been tampered with or it is just still sore.

Probably just a pulled muscle. Could be disk inflamed between two vertebra or a pinched nerve.

How do you pull a wobbly tooth out?Easy - keep wobbling it and when it is loose just start to twist it -Before you've twisted it fully, it will just fall out - if you pull out a molar, it will hurt a little but there will be very little bloodMy experiences:I pulled out 2 of my molars of my bottom teeth and there was no blood but when I pulled one out, there was a nerve stuck to the bottom (I know, sounds REALLY gross), so I just had to pull real hard and the nerve came off and when you grow a permanent tooth in place of the wobbly tooth, the nerve will just disappear.I hope I helped

I just had my tooth pulled yesterday that was infected, I too have a slight fever and had some sweating last night... That is normal when you have a fever

Probably-Just in case...Better safe than sorry!

Usually. And if any part of the pulp or nerve is exposed then absolutely. Just like humans, a broken tooth will hurt, get infected and can lead to severe problems. It needs to be checked by a vet as soon as possible for full advice.

Definitely, happens primarily in older RCT's (root canal therapy). RCT's are a great treatment for an infected tooth, however, if the synthetic filling material used to replace the infected nerve tissue did not fill the canal to the apex (tip of the tooth) the untreated area can re-infect. Depending on how bad it is, you may be able to get a retreat of your RCT or you may just have to pull the tooth. However, it's important for everyone to know that eventually, all dental work breaks down, thought most dental work done properly should see to the age of 10 years.

It becomes abnormally inflamed, has pus, is abnormally tender, skin changes colors, or does anything that differs from its usual behavior without a direct cause like a tug, or just getting it pierced.

Do you guys just pull a single tooth.

Yes and no yes- if you went through measures and the infection is too far gone to save the tooth, an extraction may be the only way No- if a root canal or different types of pennicillin havent been used It really just depends on the situation

I just fell off my bike and gave my tooth a concuison, well that's what the dentist said. Pretty much I had trama and I was told only to be worried if my tooth started turning colour (which it is now turning brown) and if it does then I might need a root canal because it had become infected.

Tattoos normally are tender for a few days. If the pain is severe, or lasts for longer, or the area is inflamed, it may be infected, or there may be an injury. See a doctor.

Don't eat anything too hot or too cold, just warm until the nerve eventually dies. Try to avoid breathing through the mouth if possible.

I had a cracked tooth vertically and doctordrilled around part of the tooth and put on a temporary crown. It started hurting after I eat somewhat and the crown came off today and it hurts alot with cold. I put the crown back on withcement and am wondering if putting crown back on will make the nerve die. he said on the phone I probably had an exposed nerve. What is the next step?Do they just put the cap back on or is there another step before the cap if there is exposed nerve?

the nerve. infection of a tooth/nerve, but sometimes just temporary. there is not too much fat/meat/tissue on the bones on the hard palate therefore every small swelling feels enormous.

If I had the nerve I'd probably just post this as the answer.

I just my last 2 for an infected tooth socket, (dry socket) I have now had 16oomg...will write back tomorrow if alive...OF COURSE its ok!!!

It's unlikely. Just rinse the area - gently brush it if you can. Make sure there isn't any debris in the socket.

If the lymph node is large, rubbery and kind of painful like a bruise, then you have reactive lymphadenopathy. This is an immune reaction to infection. If the inflamed muscle is inflamed because of an infection, then yes, it could be a cause of the node's appearance. If on the other hand, you just pulled the muscle, then it is highly unlikely to be infected, so it would expected that there would be another cause for the lymph node. Often there are small skin infections (say an infected scab or pimple) which can cause reactive nodes. If you are not satisfied, see your doctor so they can properly investigate the swelling. Hope that helps! Aj :)

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