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How can you tell if a turtle is about to lay eggs?

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turtle laying eggsWell,the females tail gets fat. And the male's tail gets curled at the end. AnswerThe female will usually beach herself just a few yards from the water and dig and lay her eggs. Eventually the tide comes in and the eggs will hatch. If she lays 5 - 10 eggs only a small percentage may survive due to preditors such as birds or preditors of the ocean.

If you have a little turtle not like the big sea turtles and leather backs along with the snapping turtles you can tell if they are going to lay eggs by feeling your turtle around the carapace section near the hind legs and you will definelty feel the eggs.

2009-12-31 00:10:50
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Does a turtle lay eggs?

yes a turtle DOES lay eggs!!!

Can a pet turtle lay eggs?

Yes, a pet turtle can lay eggs.

How do you tell if a turtle is pregnant?

Turtles don't get pregnant, they lay eggs.

How do you tell if your ornate turtle is pregnant?

Turtles don't get pregnant, they lay eggs.

How long does it take a turtle to lay eggs?

it takes 2 to 5 years for a turtle to lay eggs.

How many eggs can a sea turtle lay?

a sea turtle can lay 50-160 eggs but they lay 10 per minute.

How can you tell if a female turtle is having a baby?

Turtles dont have babies,they lay eggs

How do turtles make eggs?

The female turtle will lay the eggs and the male comes along and fertilizes them. The female turtle will lay eggs even if there is no male turtle around.

How many eggs a turtle can lay in a lifetime?

There's about a hundred or more than that a turtle lay eggs in their lifetime

Does the leatherback turtle lay eggs or have babies?

All reptiles lay eggs. Reptiles are animals that have scales, are cold-blooded and lay eggs, like turtles and snakes and lizards.

Is there a turtle that does not lay eggs in the sand?

A snapping turtle does not.

How can you tell if your turtle is going to have babies?

Turtles lay eggs, they don't have babies like mammals..If you only have one turtle, chances are good there will be no babies..Turtles lay eggs in dirt or sand, and let the heated earth incubate the eggs.

How do turtle lay their eggs?

They lay their eggs near the beach in side a whole:)

How is an owl and a turtle alike?

They both lay eggs.

Can turtle lay their eggs on the ground?

no they lay them in the sky

What if a turtle is ready to lay eggs but has nowhere to lay them?

it will advenchily find a place and lay eggs but she has to lay them at the beach

Does turtle lay eggs?

Yes they do.

How many eggs does a western pond turtle lay?

An average pond turtle lays about 8 eggs but they can lay as few as 1.

How many eggs to turtle lay?

turtle can lay up to one hundred eggs. most of them will not make it to after they hatch bc of the predatorss.

How many eggs do turtle lay a year?

The average sea turtle may lay 110 eggs in a nest. But there are several species of turtle, withFlatback turtles laying approximately 50 eggs, and hawksbills, which may lay over 200 eggs in a nest.

How many eggs can female snapping turtle lay?

They can lay about 24 eggs at a time.

Does a turtle lay eggs or is the baby born live?

A turtle lays eggs and burries the eggs in the sand. Then they hach.

How many eggs does the loggerhead sea turtle lay?

The Loggerhead sea turtle can lay up to four clutches, and then can not lay eggs for around another two years.

Do turtles lay eggs?

Yes, turtles lay eggs. The number and frequency of eggs depends on the species of turtle.

Can a lone turtle lay eggs if kept separated for 4 months?

Your question is some what unclear but I will try my best to answer it. A female turtle doesn't have to mate to lay eggs. So even a lone female turtle may lay unfertilized eggs. If an adult male and female turtle are kept together then they will mate. If the female doesn't have sand or dirt to lay her eggs in then she may lay her eggs in the water or on whatever land possible. If you know your turtle is pregnant and put her in an separate enclosure for 4 months then yes she probably will lay eggs in there.