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There is no way to tell unless you catch him.

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How do you tell if your girl is cheating?

if shes away and doesnt tell u were she is.

What is The song white horse it about?

a girl who was in love and finds out hes cheating on her gives him another chance then she finds out hes still cheating so shes saying she will get away on her white horse.

How do you tell when hes cheating on you with an ex girlfriend?

You cannot tell absolutely except by catching them together.

How do you when a guy is cheating on you?

hes out late, he stutters when you ask if hes cheating or where hes been...

How can you tell your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

If your always talkin to im on the phone , always with him, or if when u ask him a question about cheating, if he answers straight up with no hesitation then hes not cheating

Can panties be used to tell if shes cheating?

ANSWER: I'm afraid not, woman are different when it comes to how you can catch your woman cheating, its different from man in general

How can you tell if your girl friend is cheating?

Shes starts to act different from since the first time you started dating her

How can you tell if a guys cheating?

if they used to normally call you and now they really dont. or if you ask to hang out and they find some lame excuse then hes probally cheating!

Why did haku tell chihiro he love she?

Haku couldn't tell her he loved her because shes a human and hes not but otherwise chihiro knows he loves her she also loves him

What will you feel if you made love with a friend whom you have feelings for then suddenly keeps ignoring you?

i would feel ashemed i ever did. if he/she ignores your hes/shes just a jerk and a person who thinks hes/shes a big shot. i bet hes/shes using you.

How can i tell if my girlfiend is cheating?

you can tell if your girlfriend is cheating by maybe calling the cheaters show or the way to not make her find out make her feel guilty and find out what shes been doing if she really is cheating. signed genefer16 and gothgirl42 we do advice together feel free to reply to us thanks!

What o you do if your mom is cheating on your dad?

you might wanna tell ur mom that shes doing something wrong and will regret it after she realizes it , and then tell her that ur dad is truthful to her and she is breaking his trust !!! Finally tell her that instead of cheating on him she should leave him cuz cheating is gonna hurt even more when he finds out the bad way !! hope i helped :]

How can your crush ask you out if he is dating your friend?

Tell your friend that her boyfriend wants to ask you out and she will think that hes cheating on her with you. Next she will breakup with him when she does he will settle for you

How do you catch or see a cheating man?

some ways u can see if your man is cheating, is if he isn't acting normal, or is very hesitant about your realation ship, or if hes not with your often, and your can tell if he's lying.

Your girlfriend introduced you to her parents and acts like she is cheating?

AnswerIf your girlfriend has introduced you to her parents around the same time as it seems like shes cheating then its more likely that shes not cheating.. But If this is at 2 different times, and your sure shes cheating you should sit her down and ask her why.. she could be scared of commitment or just want to be with some one else Hope this helps

What is my girlfriend doing when shes out?

if your girlfriend is out and you don't know were she is you should probibly look for evidence that shes not cheating on you

How do you confront your dad if hes cheating?

* You must have proof that your father is cheating and if you have then you need to sit down with your father and tell him you know all about it. There isn't much more you can do about it than that and your father will have to decide what is the right thing to do.

What kind of questions can you ask her if shes cheating on you?

You can ask about her whereabouts, messages. If someone is not cheating, they can easily answer those.

Does Dora love Barnie?

Yes but shes cheating on him with Elmo

If your boyfriend is cheating on you what should you do?

you should fid out who that girl is and tell your boyfriend you know that hes cheating on you then you should break it off. an if that girl is a gud friend you shoul tell her why and how could you.

Say you have a boyfriend he flirts with other girls and me would you say hes cheating on me?

Not necessarily. So guys are just on auto-flirt. Tell him it bothers you.

What is a guys normal reaction when asked if hes cheating but hes not?

A normal reaction of a guy who is not cheating would be to tell you by looking you straight in the eyes that he's not.Answerthere shouldn't be any reaction if you are not cheating if a guy's not cheating then his reaction might be kind of hurt or confused and he'll tell you he's not and he'll ask you why you think he's cheating on you.Answer by: jamie hesterwell if hes cheating then hell pause fro a min and look scared or he might say how told you that(before saying NO) or hell just ignore the question completely or just walk away. if hes not cheating then hell look you in the eyes sad or hurt or even mad and say no. then hell ask you where you heard that from or why you thought he was and if he cares enough about you hell fix the prob so you wont feel like that anymore.love,jamie hesteradd me on myspace or facebook if you want or need help with guys jamiehester24@yahoo.comgood luck!

Was Justin Bieber cheating on Selena gomez if did with who?

I think no hes not cheating on Selena Gomez cause I believe in him!

You feel like your boyfriend is cheating your gut is telling you yes but when you see him you give him the benefit of the doubt and forget about him cheating how can you tell?

Does he stops holding your hand. calling you less (on the phone). you don't do thing anymore when you first went out. those are mostly a sign that hes cheating on you.

How can you tell if an Oscar fish is a male or female?

the male is smaller and the male when he changes colors hes more pretty than the female when shes changing colors

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