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If someone wants to move in with you 'just because they are afraid of being alone', I would expect them to talk a lot about their anxieties. Often such people are obsessive about their fears, and it's not something they can easily hide. I'd also expect a certain lack of warmth in the relationship. I hope someone can expand this brief answer.

2006-08-25 09:06:46
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Q: How can you tell if someone wants you to move in with them just because they are afraid of being alone?
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Why is Crooks from Of Mice and Men afraid of being alone at night?

He is lonely and he Is afraid to sleep alone because being a black man in that time was when the KKK was active. He wants to be able to protect himself.

What is the name for being afraid of being alone?

The fear of being alone is called "Monophobia"

What was Betsy Ross afraid of?

being alone

Is it OK to be scared of being alone your whole life?

Many people are afraid of being alone their whole life and some people even though afraid embrace being alone as far as not having a spouse or a mate. You may well think you will be alone the rest of your life but fate may have others ideas for you and at any age you can often meet someone you truly love.

Why Does Doodle tolerate Brother's actions in The Scarlet Ibis?

Because doodle is afraid of being left alone

Why are people afraid of being alone?

we all hate the feeling of being alone during those times when we need someone. some of us enjoys being alone whilst some of us hate to be alone. humans rely on each other to survive. there is no way that we are all 100 percent independent.

Does rabbit afraid being alone in darkness?

rabbits are fearless and doesn't afraid anything

What do you call a person who's afraid of being alone?


What is the phobia called when you are afraid of being alone?

Autophobia: fear of isolation, loneliness.Monophobia: fear of being alone and being without a particular person.

Why do we behave with other in ways that you would not behave if you were alone?

Mostly because we are afraid of being laughed at, since others may think that when we act like ourselves, we are too different or werid to be friends with. Also, when someone makes fun of someone else, it is hard to stand up for the person being ridiculed because we fear we will then be ridiculed with them.

What a person suffering from monophobia afraid of?

They suffer from a fear of being alone

Do you want someone settling being with you?

You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you, and vice versa. It's not settling if you esteem, love, admire, and respect each other. It's settling if someone is with you because of unworthy reasons--it's a habit, they're afraid to be alone, they like feeling superior to you, etc.

What is a fear?

its like being afraid of something or someone

Why are people afraid to be themselves?

People are afraid to be themselves because they do not like what they are. They believe that others are better than them. They think the they are not good enough, so they have to feign being someone that they are not.

Should you hide your nose peirce because you are afraid of being called a poser?

No, this is your life. You can do what you want with it. Dont make someone think your someone else.

What is the fear of not being with someone?

Monophobia is an acute fear of being alone whereas autophobia is a fear of being alone or of oneself, but isolophobia is a fear of solitude or being alone.

Is their a phobia of taking showers when you're home alone?

There is a phobia of being alone or home alone and those people are probably afraid when they are taking a shower alone at home

What is Taphophobic?

A taphophobic is someone who is afraid of being buried alive.

Why does your cat hide when you leave the house?

Not all cats hide when their owner leaves the house. However, for the ones who do, it is obviously because they are somewhat afraid of being alone.

What is someone who enjoys being alone called?


What is the phobia name for afraid of being alone in the dark?

Hi, This is called Lygophobia. Best wishes

Why was Scrooge afraid of the ghost of Christmas yet to come?

Because he feared death and being alone, and the ghost of yet to come showed him his funeral which meant he was going to die.

Why are you afriad of relationships?

Because your scared of falling in love and getying close then loosing that person and being left alone. like youve been stranded. ypur afraid of being picked on and teased for who you love.

What part of speech is the word lonely?

The word lonely is an adjective. It describes someone who is unhappy at being alone.

What is cole most afraid of in chapter 5 of Touching spirit Bear?

Cole is either afraid of the spirit bear ( he tries to kill it, people don't kill some thing they're not afraid of. Well then again Cole does have issues.) or he's afraid of being lonely "...the realization that he was alone, totally alone with himself. And it scared him."