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You must get a blood test to know for sure if you are HIV+ or HIV-.

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Q: How can you tell if you are HIV negative?
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Can they tell how long you infected with hiv?

There's no test that can tell how long you have had HIV. A history of a prior negative test can narrow the possibilities.

What is the difference between being HIV positive and HIV negative?

If you are HIV positive, then you have the HIV virus. If you are HIV negative then you do not have the HIV virus.

What is the difference between HIV negative and HIV postive?

A person who is HIV positive has HIV. A person who is HIV negative does not have HIV or is early enough in the course of infection that the test is still negative.

Can HIV negative off spring be carriers?

A HIV negative person can not be a carrier of HIV.

What happens if you are HIV negative?

Relief happens if you are HIV negative.

Can HIV negative women have a HIV negative baby with HIV positive man?

If the mother does not contract HIV from the man, her baby will not get HIV from her.

How do HIV-positive and HIV-negative differ?

HIV-positive means you are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV-negative means that you are not infected with the HIV.

What is a negative HIV result?

* It means that you do not have HIV.

Can you get HIV if you swallowed negative HIV sperm?


Can a HIV carrier be HIV negative?


Is it possible to contract hiv from a sexual partner who is tested negative?

It is possible to have a false negative HIV test, particuarly early in infection with HIV. If a partner has a true negative HIV test, it's not possible to get HIV from them.

Can a person who transferred HIV to somebody be HIV negative?


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