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Well let me give you a situation I had and how I handeled it and hopefully I can help you out:

Well to make a long story short....I met this guy and we hit it off, started off as friends then we fell in love and dated for half a year....then he broke up with me.After the break I was heart broken (like any other person in love) Even when we were dating I had guys come up to me wanting to date me, but to tell you the truth they didn't want to date me, they just wanted to have sex with me and I'm not that kind of girls. So... when we broke up the guys all started thinking that maybe I would be more into it now to get back at him for breaking up with me. But I said 'NO". Not just because I'm not into guys that don't bring positive energy, but because I knew even though me and my boyfriend broke up I still had feelings for him. What I'm trying to get at is If you still have feelings for a person deal with those feelings before you jump into something else. This doesn't mean to sit in a depression mode but realize it's going to take some time if that person ment something to you. And another little tid-bit I would add in is don't settel for less. I'm not talking about money! I'm talking about not setteling for someone that doesn't treat you with respect. Well I hope this helped you instead of being just blank space.

And I would really appreciate it if you try and answer mine.....I posted it as "How do girls get a good man?"

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Q: How can you tell if you are in a rebound relationship?
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Is it a rebound relationship?

If you are entering into a relationship on the heels of ending another one, that is the definition of being in a rebound relationship. In essence you have rebounded from your past relationship into your new one.

Can a rebound relationship also be defined as one entered into by the person who ended the prior relationship or does the term just apply to the person who was rejected?

A rebound relationship can be either person.

Can a rebound relationship last years?


Will he last in his rebound relationship if he really loves me?

no his relationship wont last!

Are you a rebound?

if you feel that a person is with you because they came out of a relationship, and know that you'll say "yes", then you're a rebound

How do you know if your boyfriend is in a rebound relationship?

The best way to know is knowing how much time passed between the time when his old relationship ended, and when yours and his relationship began.If it was a period of less than two weeks, it is possible it is a rebound relationship.

How can you tell if you were a rebound?

When the person memory of the last relationship is so vivid it seems like there taking to the person and not you. You know it is still so fresh the break up

If you met your boyfriend 3 months after he split up with his ex and its now been a year into the relationship and he's still friends with his ex is it a rebound relationship?

well if its been a year into your relationship then he must really see something in you.And 3 months after a relationship ends its not a rebound, if it was about a week or two then yeah.Another thing and if it was a rebound he would of ended up with his ex again

Word for new relationship right after end of a long relationship?

Rebound and they rarely last, except for mine.

I'm dating a girl who just left a bad relationship and she tells me she likes me a lot and I like her a lot and we spend a lot of time together but how do I know if she's real or on the rebound?

ask her Time will tell whether it is a rebound. Do the best you can to keep the relationship positive without spending time discussing the past boyfriend. Be sure to include different activities and friends as you slowly build your relationship.

What if your friend is cheating on her boyfriend you secretly fancy him do you tell him?

If you tell him directly you'll ruin any chance of future relationship. Better to let him know in some other way that doesn't involve you and then be there for him for the rebound sex.

Your ex is marrying his rebound relationship?

more details are needed to make an accurate answer.

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