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you can tell be spying on them!

First off take the time to think about who you are, and that you aren't overly jealous and second-guessing scenerios re your boyfriend and other girls. If you feel you have good cause to doubt where he is and with whom, then communicate this to him! Of course there is no doubt between us that he will deny every single bit of it if he is guilty, but look in his eyes (the windows of our souls) and if he isn't looking you in the eye, or his body language (shaking, red in the face, shifting from one foot to the other or turning his back on you) then he's lying! Tell him if you ever catch him cheating (and you will) that's the end of your relationship. Tell him the ball is in his court and you'll be watching! Remember, now you have put the seed of doubt in his mind and he won't be so sure of himself if he is cheating.

If you really think he is, the other poster said it .... "spy on him!"

Good luck Marcy

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Q: How can you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you after two months?
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My boyfriend says it is not cheating when he contacts escorts?

well you tell him that it is cheating.. if you two are together than he shouldn't EVER be with any one elts.

How do you tell your boyfriend your cheating on him?

One, you tell him you are breaking up with him or break up with the other one and two tell one of them you are sorry and bye bye

If boyfriend accuses you of cheating and you haven't but you have lied about talking to an ex what does that mean?

No it is not cheating as long as you were not talking to your ex as if you two were going out. Also you need to tell your boyfriend that you were talking to your ex because how can he rust you if you tell him lies and if he cant trust you that will lead into a breakup

If your boyfriend is cheating on you what should you do?

you should fid out who that girl is and tell your boyfriend you know that hes cheating on you then you should break it off. an if that girl is a gud friend you shoul tell her why and how could you.

Is it worth staying with a boyfriend that has been cheating on you for two years?


How do you deal with having a boyfriend and friends with benefit?

get rid of the boyfriend and have two guys with benifits. then your not cheating on anyone

When you think someone is cute and you have a boyfriend is that cheating on your boyfriend?

No it is not cheating on your bf. As long as nothing physical happens your not cheating.Talk with your boyfriend about how much you're allowed to do with other guys without cheating him. Everyone has different ideas of what cheating is and what matters is that you two find a common ground and agree not to break that.

Is it bad to hookup with your ex boyfriend when you having been dating your current boyfriend for a year and 4 months?

yes, hon its called cheating. if you want to be with your ex your gonna have to break up with your current. it's really not fair to you or the two guys.

How do you tell two coworkers are cheating?

It is none of your business.

Can two girls make out and it not be cheating?

No. It has to be cheating because mostly every girl has a boyfriend. So as you probably all know two girls in a relationship is called lesbians.

If you have not seen your boyfriend in two months dose that mean he is not you boyfriend anymore?

Have you talked to him at least?

Why does your boyfriend have another girlfriend and he never told you about her is that cheating?

Yes it is cheating and they cheat because they might be confused or think they are all that with two girlfriends.

What does it mean to dream cheating on your boyfriend?

ANSWER: It either the two of you has a little disagreement and it made you a bit upset so when you went to sleep you had this in your mind. Dreaming is only a dream and it doesn't meant anything. Just talk to your boyfriend and tell him how you feel.

How do I know if my boyfriend who lives far way is cheating on me?

Unfortunately there is no way you can tell if your boyfriend is cheating when he lives so far away and you will have to have blind faith and trust him. If he phones you; texts you two or more times a week then it would appear he is still interested in you, but if he is getting in contact with you less and less then there is always that possibility he may be dating.

How to get a girl who has a boyfriend but her boyfriend hangs out with two other girls all the time and typically cheating on her but she still loves him?

well you say that he hangs around with the other girls because of he goes out with them and is cheating on her and she will sometimes believe you and sometimes not

Does Leann Rimes have a boyfriend?

According to an article in a magazine that was about two months old, she has both a husband and a boyfriend.

Is two months to soon to tell your boyfriend you love them?

there is no schedule of when it is ok to say or feel something in a relationship. If you truly feel that you are in love with the other person in your relationship then feel free to tell them.

When a guy cheats on you is it OK to cheat back?

Two wrongs don't make a right. Cheating is selfish; disloyal and the person cheating doesn't care that they hurt their partner. Don't hit the bottom of the barrel like your boyfriend. Get rid of him and tell him to hit the bricks!

I'm sixteen my boyfriend and I have been dating for a a little over two months but I think I love him is it possible that I do and how soon is too soon to tell him?

Well, you may love him, it's possible. Tell him when you you think you're ready. When I was your age, I waited until my boyfriend told me 1st.

How do you know when your 2 months already with your boyfriend?

You know you've been together two months when two months have passed since the day he officially asked you to be his girlfriend.

How do you tell your boyfriend is worried after being gone for two days?

I will tell him were the hell was he at

What does it mean when your girlfriend have two cell phones and never tell her boyfriend she have two cell phones and make him believe she has only one cell phone?

She might be cheating on you. Try to figure it out. Like, ask her stuff about two cell phones and she might confess.

What are signs of a boyfriend cheating?

One doesn't answer calls or texts, two he avoids you, and three he doesn't hang out with you

Who is Georgie Henley boyfriend?

She had a boyfriend from Leeds in early 2013, though they broke up after only two months.

Should I believe my boyfriend when he told a girl he loved her to get rid of her and that he was scared because she acted psychotic and he had to carry on the relationship for two months more?

* No, you should not believe your boyfriend. If he was telling the truth and told the girl he loved her then why would she become psychotic? He has been cheating on you and you either caught him cheating or someone else told you and he was simply caught cheating. He isn't much of a man when he would lie about the girl being psychotic. The truth of the matter is he cheated, you know, he is blaming the girl. Get rid of him!

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