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How can you tell if your dog is going to die?


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December 08, 2010 2:40AM

I had to put my dog to sleep this past weekend and I am heartbroken. I keep calling her name in the middle of the night. I owed this to her even though it tore me to pieces. My baby died in my arms and she took a piece of me with her last breath. I will never forget the peacefulness and beauty that surrounded her. She looked like she was a healthy and happy dog when she died which will always stay in my heart. She looked so beautiful that I couldn't accept that she was gone; her beautiful eyes stared into my soul just the same way that she stared at me during her last days.

I thought that she was going to die when we were in the car...she was panting/breathing really hard as if she just ran a marathon; she was breathing really hard the night before. She had been acting weird for over one month...she would distance herself from all of us, she would go out in the rain to use the bathroom and please note that this is odd because there is no way that she would go outside in the rain before. She wouldn't respond to us as if she was deliberately trying to tune us out. The only thing she could do was eat...her passion in life was eating...I believe that eating does not say anything in regards to how sick your baby is; it all depends on the dog. However, she refused the fillet Mignon the hour before we were leaving.

She started giving me this really penetrating stare two nights before she died. This stare pulled on my heart strings, and I will never forget those beautiful eyes. The Vet wanted to keep her on pain killers and anti-inflammations, but she seemed SO unhappy. She was constantly isolating herself in corners.

I loved her SO much that I was willing to sacrifice losing her to end her suffering. I will never forget how much she kissed me the night before we took her in. She kissed me for over 30 minutes even though she could not breath.

I will always love her!! I will never forget her. I am a mess and ALL I DO EVERY NIGHT IS WAIT FOR HER TO COME IN MY DREAMS AND TELL ME THAT SHE IS OKAY.

Shiba loves her baby Bebe which means "queen" in persian. She was indeed beautiful.

I "joined" (poor choice of words given the circumstances, sadness of the situation etc) but I Really, Truly felt drawn to you and your story. One day I may be able to tell you mine. At this time, however, I wanted you to know that I once had a Pomeranian named Babie, and I loved...still do love...her with all of my heart and soul. I constantly find myself slipping back through time just looking over the beloved memories of how she stood by me, over me, loving me, kissing me while in the hardest times of my life. How NO MATTER WHAT she was there for me. I can so deeply appreciate what you wrote and I had t let you know that it touched me and even helped me feel better. You didn't simply answer my question, I finally felt as if someone really did know where I was coming from. And I need to thank you from the bottom of my broken, but now thanks to you, finally beginning to mend, heart for taking the time to share. You also added to my lifelong belief that we are all a part of a much larger, much closer brotherhood, tied by our common experiences as much as by our common biology as anything else! You have at the very least turned med in the direction of peace and I want to thank you for that.