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He will have glassy eyes, and will be inactive. He will not want to eat or drink much, and will have matted or uneven fur. Most importantly, he will have a wet spot around his tail.

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What are the symptoms of wet tail of a dwarf hamster?

I have read that dwarf hamsters don't actually get wet tail so you should be fairly safe i would consider going to a vet though.

Is wet tail bad when spread from a hamster to a person?

Wet tail in a hamster is not transferable to a person. When a hamster has wet tail, the main symptom is diarrhea.

How does a hamster get a wet tail?

a hamster will get wet tail from stress or because it is unhappy or because your hamster does not have enough space to play in :)

What to do if your hamster has diria?

Usually if your hamster has diaria it mean it has wet tail and usually when a hamster has wet tail it dies sorry.

What would hamsters rather eat lettace or carrots?

DONT FEED YOUR HAMSTER LETTUCE! It's a poison and will give them a fatal disease called wet tail. Carrots can be fed to your hamster, but chop it up and give your hamster one piece a week, if you give you pet too much carrot, it could get wet tail. To check if your hamster has wet tail, just look at its tail. If the tail looks wet, you hamster will have wet tail, or somehow its tail got wet. If you think your hamster has wet tail, contact you vet.

My hamster is breathing heavy and can't walk help?

Check to see if his/her tail is wet. If it is your hamster has wet tail. If it turns out it does have wet tail, you should get medication as soon as possible. Wet tail can be fatal.

Will a dwarf hamster die on a road trip?

No and yes the no part is if your hamster isn't stressed or bothered by the sound of the car yes if your hamster is very very stressed then your hamster could get wet tail and die

Do golden hamsters get wet tail?

All hamsters can get wet tail. Try not to get the hamster wet and don't use cat litter in its toilet. My sister did this and the next day the hamster had wet tail.

How do you know if your dwarf hamster has wet tail?

Wet tail is basically hamster diarrhea. You will notice that the hamsters feces is no longer solid. The cage may smell bad, despite cleaning (although you should continue to keep it clean). As the name tells you, the hamster will also have wet feces around its tail and bottom. It will need to be treated or the hamster could die. There are over the counter remedies sold at most pet stores.

Do they call a baby hamster a wet tail?

No, 'wet tail' is a bacterial infection that gives the hamster severe, and often fatal diarrhea.

What is hamster wet tail mean?

Hampster wet tail is when ur hampster gets diarrhea and then dehydrated.

What should you do if your hamster has wet tail?

Wet tail can cause severe diarrhea in hamsters. It usually last between 3-5 days and can be life threatening for the hamster. The end of the hamsters tail may appear wet or soiled. As well as this the hamster becomes very lethargic and irritable. If you hamster shows any of those signs the hamster needs to be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Often wet tail can kill a hamster within 24 hours.

Can a hamster get its tail wet?

yes they can it depends on there condition .

What are hamster illnesses?

There is a illness called wet-tail. Search wet-tail in google to find out more info

What does it mean when a hamster bottom is whet?

Well, all I know is that "wet tail" is a very deadly sickness to hamsters... If you hear that your hamster has wet tail, take it to a vet!

How can you prevent your hamster from getting wet tail?

Get to an vet with in 24 hours. There's an 50% chance that your hamster will die. Wet tail is an deadly Diease you all hamsters.

Why is my hamster's tail wet?

A hamster with a wet tail, could have wet tail, which is a condition caused by stress. If your hamster is acting normal (eating, drinking etc) that's one worry gone. Does your hamster have a clean cage? If not then it is probably just wee from soiled bedding. If yes, chances are it could be wey tail. Wet tail in hamsters is serious and most hamsters will die untreated. Take your hamster to the vet ASAP, it could save its life.

How do you know if your hamster has wet tail?

you will know that your hamster has wet tail because its poop will be really runny. to prevent this dont feed your hamster lettuce. There are many different symptoms to wet tail, the early ones conclude - Not eating&Drinking - Sleeping all day & All night , ( in no case is this normal , seek a licensed vet ) - Runny Poo , Wetness Around The Bumm The Later Symptoms Include - - All The above ^^^ - Hamster standing in a hunch and staying wherever you leave it There Are Probibally More Ways To Tell if You'r Hamster Has Wet Tail , Butt these are the one's i know. :)

What foods kill hamsters?

wet food kill hamster because they wet tail

How would you know if your hamster has wet-tail?

It seems to grow a extra red tail underneath it. And it goes watery. Type in wet tail on goole images.

Is wet tail deadly?

Very deadly. It killed my hamster :(

Can you take your hamster to the vet if it has wet tail?

i think so.

What will happen if hamsters tail gets wet?

the hamster will die

What is the longest a hamster has lived with wet tail?

37 years

How do you know when your hamster is sick?

You can tell your hamster is sick if they have/are; -Shivering -Inactive -lazy -irregular breathing -restlessness (nervous signs) -dry nose Wet tail ~happens mainly if your hamster is stressed, or if they are being handled too much. Unclean cages could also lead to wet tail, or quick changes of environments