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she wont be that much into you anymore

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Q: How can you tell if your girlfriends cheating?
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Is there a relationship test for cheating girlfriends?

There is no test to take that will tell you if your girlfriend is cheating on you are not. Girls all act differently and the fact is she is either cheating or not and no test can 100% tell you.

How do you tell if your girlfriends cheating on you with her ex?

if they are really silent when there by or talks to him alot or flirts with them

What is the biggest lie guys tell?

The biggest lie most guys tell is they aren't cheating on their girlfriends/wifes when they really could be.

Is neil Lennon gay?

Not likely. He seems to be cheating on girlfriends with other girlfriends.

Is it cheating to go to the movies with your girlfriends friend?

If you have to do it in secret, yes.

How can you get your boyfriend to forget about his past cheating girlfriends and trust you?

have sex with him

How do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you with one of his girl friends?

Well he obviosly is if he has girlfriends

Is it wrong to confront your girlfriends ex boyfriend who is also her best friend if you think shes cheating on you with him?

No, But if you have a feeling she is cheating on you then you are probably right

Is it cheating dating your girlfriends best friend?

Yeah i would say so if ur dating your "girlfriends" best friend that's not good.

Is he cheating on me... He always hangs out with his old girlfriend's and seems to be avoiding our relationship... Should i dump him?

You should tell him how you feel when he is with his ex-girlfriends. Do you love him? Is a question you should be asking your self!!!!!

What was live like in the trenches?

they didnt notice cause they were cheating on their girlfriends with each other:)

Why does your boyfriend have another girlfriend and he never told you about her is that cheating?

Yes it is cheating and they cheat because they might be confused or think they are all that with two girlfriends.

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