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If you suspect that he is, the only way to really know is to sit down and talk to him about it. If you have a strong relationship, you'll know even if he isn't telling you the truth. Okay, stop and think for a moment. Your asking us this question and we don't know him. Your best bet is to ask yourself this question. Do you see signs that he is gay? Does he refuse to have sex with you? Only you can answer these quesitons. Only he knows the real truth. I personally was married to a guy that I didn't suspect he was gay until after a couple of years of being married. He wanted anal sex. Wow. The light bulb went off and I flat out ask him. He lied of course and after a few years we divorced. I was affraid of getting aids from him and he started cheating with another woman anyway. He lied about that too. Imagine that. At work there is this guy I have seen there for over 5 years and I could swear he was gay and he was married too. However, he and everyone else swore he wasn't. Well about 6 months ago the looser came out of the closet and treated his ex-wife like crap and talked badly about her. What an idiot. He lied to her, himself and before God. Gay guys are for the most part in denial. Then get all Tyra Banks on you when their called on their lies. If you really suspect it then your probably right. Who knows. Just be happy. It's a very emotionally draining situation and you should be happy. No one can make that happen but yourself. There are a few good books written concerning this topic. "The Straight Up Truth About The Down-Low" and "Straight Wives, Shattered Lives". Both books have stories of women who were married to gay men. The first books goes into the warning signs in great detail. Go to and purchase the books and you may see yourself in the women's stories. Good Luck to you.

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Q: How can you tell if your husband is gay?
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How can you tell if a married man is gay?

If his husband is also gay, then that is a good indication.

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by asking :)

How can find out if husband is gay?

The only way to know is for him to tell you.

If someone is gay and you tell your husband is it against the law?

No. Being gay is usually not a secret. But when a closeted gay person comes out to you, it's a common courtesy to keep it a secret unless he gives you permission to tell.

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Then she is gay.

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It is quite simple. You need to tell your husband you want a divorce, and then talk to a lawyer.

How do you find out your husband is a gay?

You ask him.

What is the gay husband checklist?

A gay husband checklist is the same as a straight husband checklist. It is a list of qualities that someone is looking for in a potential life-long partner.

You think that your husband may be gay what should you do?

if u think that your husband is gay all u have 2 do is just ask him.

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jonathan capeheart is referred to as her 'gay' husband.

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