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Does he smile when he sees you? does he respond to you in bed? do you spend time together doing things? have you asked him?

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Q: How can you tell if your husband still attracted to you?
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How do you tell if your husband is attracted to you?

That would be relentless staring and fondling. We'rent all the same though.

What should i do if my husband and i don't communicate and your losing interest in him but you still are attracted to him but that's it?

You should suggest to the husband that you go to a swingers party.

How do you tell if your husband is sexually attracted to you?

He wouldn't be able to keep his hands off of you(not talking about physical abuse either)

Is it right for your husband to tell you he still love is ex-wife?

he can tell you but dont stay with him! show him that your a strong person

How do you know if your straight or not?

You can tell by the gender of the person/people you are attracted too. And if that's still confusing, you might be bisexual.

What does it mean when you dream your husband is gay?

This simply indicates that you are subconsciously worried that your husband is no longer attracted to you.

How can you tell if a shy guy is sexually attracted to you?

It's really hard to tell. My husband was like this, until we got to know eachother. You will know when he finally lets you know somehow. When he lets you know, it will be obvious.

How do you tell your x husband you still love him 5 years later when he is divorcing the woman he cheated on you with?

You call him or tell him to meet you somewhere and just tell him that even though years have passed you still love him,

How can you tell if your boyfriend is attracted to your friend?

If he is having sex with her he is probably attracted to her.

What do you do if you and your best friend's husband are attracted to each other?


How do you know that your long distant husband still in love with you?

Call him, tell him you love him and see if he says it back. Ask him if he still loves you.

How do you know if your husband loves you after 25 years?

The only way to tell if a husband loves his wife after 25 years is through his actions. If the husband still cares for the wife, buys her present and always wants to be in company of the wife they he still loves the wife.

What is a sign your husband isn't attracted to you anymore?

if he flinches when you bring up sex, or he refuses to have sex with you, he probably isn't attracted

What do you do if your husband is still talking to his ex and telling her he still loves her?

ill tell even i like ur ex and we could have a threesome someday

How do you tell someone you are attracted to her?

you love her

How can you tell it your husband still loves you?

because he will help you with things and will not get angry with you if you do something wrong that's not that bad

What do you do if your husband wants you out of the house?

tell him what you think of him. If he still wants you out take all that's worth something

Should you break up with your girlfriend if you lasted 6 months with her?

well if you still like her alot then no. but if you don't then tell her your not attracted to her anymore

How can you tell if your husband still wants to be with you?

ANSWER: Can I tell if my husband still want to be with me after his affair? big deal when it comes to men in general, 90% of them never show their emotion or passion, so it will be hard to justify what they are thinking or feelings towards their wives. Your the only one that can tell if your husband still want to be with you. But most men who made a mistakes and went back to his wife, will only be doing it for their kids sake even though they are both miserable and not getting along. And this is my only opinion.

How do you tell if you are gay or bi?

Umm... It should be fairly simple. If you are a female and you are attracted to other females (but not males) then you are a lesbian. But if you are still attracted to men as well then you are bisexual. Usually it's just a feeling you have inside yourself.

Is your boyfriend still attracted to you?

i dont know i am a boy your boyfriend is probably attracted to you

There is a Girl that shows that she is attracted to you but she is still friends with her ex She is flirting with you and still shows shes attracted to you The question is Does she like you or what?


If a man and woman get a divorce in Alabama are they still husband and wife?

No they are not still husband and wife once the divorce is finalized.No they are not still husband and wife but they are still brother and sister.

How do you tell if husband is bi?

He's your husband, ask him.

What should you do if you think your husband is attracted to another woman?

dump his sorry ass