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He or she will normally sit fluffed up on hte bottom of hte cage with

the eyes partly closed.

Also you may notice a change in their stool

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Q: How can you tell if your ringneck dove is sick?
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What is a java dove?

A java dove is what they refer to a white dove as. Although it is not actually its own species, it is just a mutation of the ringneck dove.

What are white and pink pigeons breed?

A Pink-Ringneck Dove is pale pink with cream markings.

Is The African Ringneck Endangered?

No, the African Ringneck is not endangered

Do ringneck snakes swim?

can a ringneck snake swim

What do doves eat?

I own a mourning dove and a ringneck dove. They enjoy eating millet spray (you can buy a bag of millet spray for a couple dollars at a grocery or pet store), a variety of seeds (I go to the grocery store and buy the one that is specifically for doves, it has a picture of a dove on it), and sometimes crackers.

When was Australian Ringneck created?

Australian Ringneck was created in 1805.

Are ringneck snakes dangerous?

No ringneck snakes are not dangerous.But can bite if threatened!

What is the answer to mad gab sea can't higher dove fit?

sea can't higher dove fit=sick and tired of it

Why is your ringneck dove holding its head right back?

This is a very unnatural position for any bird to hold its head in - I would suspect a neurologic problem like botulism or meningitis. In any case, you should take your dove to a veterinarian with experience treating birds immediately.

How do you tell the sex of an Indian Ringneck?

Males will get a dark ring around there neck and females will get a very light one.

How do you tell when a puppies sick?

You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering You can tell when a puppy is sick if he/she is eating grass or whimpering

How can you tell when your africn grey is sick?

how can you tell when your african grey is sick

How long do ringneck doves live?

Ring neck doves can live up to 15 years or longer if well taken care of.My pet white ringneck dove just died. I have had him for 32 years, 3 months. I don't know how old he was when we got him from the pet store. His mate died over ten years ago.

How do you tell the gender of a white dove?

I think a male white dove has extra feathers by there feet like bell bottoms and the female does not ...... Doves are not sexually dimorphic (meaning you can't tell by looking). To tell the gender of your dove, you will need to have it DNA sexed by a veterinarian.

How to tell if robo dwarf hamster is sick?

How to tell if robo hamster is sick

What are the types of doves?

There are llots heres some: Barbary Dove, Diamond Dove, Green Wing Dove, Mourning Dove, White Dove, Ringneck Dove, Senegal Dove, Spotted Dove, Bleeding-heart Pigeon, Brunner Pouter Pigeon, Budapest Tumbler Pigeon, Chinese Owl Pigeon, Crested Pigeon, English Trumpeter Pigeon, Indian Fantail Pigeon, Maltese Pigeon, Old German Owl Pigeon, Oriental Frill Pigeon, Purple-breasted Fruit Pigeon, Rock Pigeon - Common Pigeon, Valencian Figurita Pigeon, and the West of England Tumbler Pigeon. Among the most popular types are white doves and turtle doves.

How can you tell the gender of a white dove?

check if it has a dick or not

How do you tell the age of a dove?

You can tell the age of a dove by its feathers. Newly born doves will have no feathers. Light colored feather indicate the bird is under 3 years old.

How much would a dove cost?

Common doves like Ringnecks will sell at a pet store for about $25-35. From a breeder they will be about $5-10. Of course this is depending on type of dove. More exotic doves can cost a couple hundred. But ringnecks are quite lovely and affordable. There are pied and normal ringnecks that I know of that are sold for the low prices between $5-35. A turtle dove could range from $40-50 and a plane dove around the price of a ringneck.

How do tell if you are sick?

They are different ways to tell if you are sick depending on what bug you have. Often you have a hot forehead.

Can dogs feels sick when their owners are sick?

yes, they can tell we are sick and they get very sympathetic.

How do you tell if a gerbil is sick?

You can tell when a gerbil is sick because it will sneeze, have a runny nose, be lethargic, or have diarrhoea.

How ca you tell when birds are sick?

you can tell when a bird is sick when they arent flying away from you or that it is just sitting in its nest.

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How do you tell the age a ringneck parakeet?

Look At there eyes an if they are completely black they would be about 2-5 months old and if they have just normal eyes they are older