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How can you tell somebody you like them?

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well simply remember that this person is human being, they have two arms and two legs like you, i hope. build up some confidence, and don't be scared of rejection, theres over 5.billion people in the world, if this person doesnt like you, then that's there loss. you know your a good person. try again, and who knows you may find some luck.

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How do you tell somebody you like them without them getting mad at you?

you tell them that you like them but dont get mad at me

How do you tell your girlfriend you like somebody else?

Tell it to her by phone, so she can not hit you.

How do you tell somebody you really like them?

Say to that person, "I really like you."

What do you do if you like somebody and your certain they like you but they won't tell you?

Go up and tell them. They might open up then.

How do you know that somebody like you?

One way you can tell that somebody likes you is if they're flirting with you and another way to tell if somebody likes you is if they blow kisses at you when you're standing right next to them.

How do you tell your guy friend you like him but your to scared?

you ask somebody you know to tell him or act like you like him and make him notice!

How do you know if you like somebody and they like you but you're not sure if you want them to know about it?

Then TELL them.

What should you do if you like somebody?

tell them in a note that way it will be private

How do you tell somebody that you are scared?

Start out with of what you feel like. And what made you that way.

Should you tell a girl you like her if a friend already likes her?

Although it may be embarrassing, you can always tell somebody you like them, and nothing bad will happen. And who cares if your friend likes her? If you like somebody try to get them to realize it, or just let it out. ^-^

How can you tell that your friend is a bully?

if they mess with somebody like pushes them and that kind of stuff

Best way to tell somebody that you like her?

you look them in thier eyes and ask them if they like you if so you tell them wat they want to hear back

How do you tell if you like somebody?

You can tell if you like somebody because you will find yourself thinking about him/her alot, when ever you see them you usually look at them, and you just get this feeling that you do like him/her. Liking someone is not a bad thing, it is a natural thing... everybody likes someone when they are older.

What do you do if somebody likes you but you like somebody else and they like you but you want to stay friends with the first person?

Well tell the first person that you like him/her as a friend not as a GF/BF but nicely so you don't lose that person and tell the person that you like that you like him/her back and that will start the relasion ship.

How do you tell somebody you like him?

if youwant to tell somebody you like him don't just tell him or give him a little card that's retard. the firs thing you have to do is to prepare him, be his best friend he has to tell you every secret everything he likes then he will feel that you are the most trustful person in the world them he normally ask you out and you don't have to tell him any thing.

How do you get Glameow on Pokemon Diamond?

i dont know but i would like one somebody tell me how

What will i do if somebody admires me and i don't like him?

You should nicely tell him how you feel. Good Luck!

What can you do if your sisters mean to you?

You can ask them to stop and if they don't tell somebody like your Mom or Dad

What do you do if you like someone but your afraid of what your friends might think?

Then you don't tell your friends. If they ask who you like you can either say "Nobody" or just name the guys you do like. If not, you can also tell them that you like somebody but don't want to tell them.

When is it the right time to tell somebody you like them?

as soon as you developed your feelings for this somebody. because if you keep telling yourself to wait for a while, then maybe someone else might ask this somebody out. and you'll regret it later on. Gather up your guts and get up and tell this somebody. Don't wait around. good luck ;)

When did Beyonce lost her virgenity?

Ask her if you want to know. Like she's going to tell somebody.

How do you tell somebody you like them without actually saying it?

you hint it to them very slowly across time

How can you make somebody like you?

Well... if somebody hates you try to be nice to them maybe they will be nice to you. If that does not work tell a somebody as soon as you can and if you can`t find anybody just walk away and forget what ever you herd.

How do you tell if somebody is lying?

You can tell that somebody is lying if they are moving their eyes or fidgeting with their hands, avoiding eye contact.

How do you tell a boy no when they ask you out?

just say no, you're flatered but you kinda like somebody else, you know something like that