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How can you tell the different from pre-ejaculate and sperm?


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October 23, 2009 12:22AM


Precum is a clear subatanse that is very slick and is produced by the male body and excreated through the penis when sexually arroused and used as a lubebricant for sex. It clears the uthra tube of high PH levels left by urine and has a sweet taste. You cannot see "sperm" you see a protective fluid once again produced by the male body in the prostate gland of a man that protects the sperm once it has been ejacelated. It has a creamy look and and is mostly white but can very in color to a yellowish color depending on the man.

Additionally, you cannot feel precum leaking out. It is not associated with any particular feeling ... it just kind of leaks or seeps out. Sperm, on the other hand, is mixed into the seminal fluid and ejaculated by involuntary muscular contractions inside the male's abdomen. Each muscular contraction -- which may feel like a twitch or a shiver or a jerking inside -- propels the sperm-filled semen into the urethra and out the tip of the penis. This is called ejaculation, and is why it comes out in small spurts or gushes. And each of these contractions is very noticeable to the man as they are associated with waves of very pleasurable feelings from the head and shaft of the penis as well as inside the groin area. This is why ejaculations feel so very good to the man and why it is often very hard for men to have enough self-control to pull out just when they are about to feel the best part of sex -- the orgasm! By nature, many men feel an urge to push the penis head deeper inside at the moment of orgasm so that the ejaculated sperm gets deep inside the vagina -- where nature intended it to go.

Note: The difference in composition, colour, taste and pH are the only physical differences between sperm and pre-cum. Adolescents and adults will leak pre-cum during masturbation or sex, which they cannot feel, and will ejaculate sperm which you CAN feel coming out upon orgasm. Children who haven't reached puberty - prepubescent boys - can masturbate to orgasm and may not be able to ejaculate at all. However, some children leak precum during masturbation and will ejaculate pre-cum with no sperm in it (they don't make sperm yet.) A boy doing this (and I know, I was one) will be able to feel the precum coming out upon ejaculation and it will tingle as much as sperm will later. Just thought I'd use the example of a kid ejaculating precum to highlight that the feeling of it coming out is more a difference between ejaculation and leaking precum, rather than precum and sperm.