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If it smells acidic or like ammonia it's normal. Even though it can be a freaky color and the smell is gross to your hyper sensitive nose, it's still normal. Especially at the first and last it can be freaky--at first you are building your plug and at the last you are losing it. If you smell anything super putrid or feel anything itchy, get checked. You could have bacterial vaginosis, a yeast infection, or any other number of things.

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Q: How can you tell what is normal discharge when pregnant?
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Does normal discharge mean you are not pregnant?

If you have normal menstruation you cannot be pregnant.

Is it normal to have a heavy discharge when your pregnant?

Yes this is normal, providing the discharge is white or clear and does not have a odour.

Can you get normal discharge and still be pregnant?


Can females with vaginal discharge get pregnant and deliver normal baby?

Every woman has vaginal discharge. It is mroe noticeable when pregnant. Yes you can have a normal healthy baby when having vaginal discharge.

Is it normal when you get a discharged when you are pregnant?

Yes. Your vaginal discharge increases when you are pregnant.

Can you tell your pregnant by the type of discharge you get?

Yes. If the discharge contains a baby, you were pregnant. Sorry. I couldn't resist.

When a woman is pregnant does she have more discharge then normal?


Is it normal to have a yellow mucus like discharge at 25 weeks pregnant?

No, yellow and/or green discharge is never normal during pregnancy

Is brown discharge normal at 6 months pregnant?


What is normal discharge if you are early pregnant?

It is usually white in colour.

Is a creme colored discharge the day after sex normal or a sign of a miscarriage when 8 weeks pregnant?

White discharge is normal throughout pregnancy.

If you are five weeks pregnant is it normal to have brown discharge?

I have the same thing. I dont know if that is normal.

Why do you get white discharge from your nipples when you press them it is normal or it is bad?

It is not bad it is called lactating. It is normal if you are pregnant.

Is it normal to have a clear odorless discharge at four months pregnant?


You are six months pregnant and have clear slimey discharge after sexis this normal?


Is it normal to experience clear odorless discharge when youre 4 months pregnant?

Yes this is very normal. If the discharge has a odour then this is a sign of a yeast infection. The discharge will increase as your pregnancy progresses.

Can you still be pregnant if there is white discharge?

lol yess ! discharge is very normal during pregnancy, expect to see Alot more of it too ! although if it has a foul smell tell your doctor as it could be an infection

If you are pregnant do you still have a discharge?

yes you can, talk to your Dr. if you are worried. i tell this before of in one answer when u r pregnant u discharge but some of girl not discharge but when u r not discharge means also u r not discharge next month u must to contact with ur doctor but if the first time u haven't discharge its normal most of like 15% sometime not discharge in pregnancy well ya if u scared then contact with ur doctor but don't worry its not bad its normal but it gonna bad for u when u r not pregnant and u also not discharge...........Tarzan Bhai.........

Is a lot of discharge normal at six weeks pregnant?

Its very normal.Ive had 3 kids and had discharge with all 3.

You 4 weeks pregnant you have discharge with a smudge of red is this normal?

no it is not the baby can die

Is Mucus-like discharge at 6 months pregnant normal?


Is having little to no discharge normal at 6 weeks pregnant?

Yes, perfectly.

Is brown discharge from the breasts normal when not pregnant?

No, you should probably see your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if after your period you started to experience brownish pink discharge?

A brownish pinkish discharge is not a normal indication of pregnancy.

What happens when you have clear discharge when you are pregnant?

Clear discharge during pregnancy is very normal and nothing to be alarmed about. If the discharge is excessive, wear a thin panty liner to absorb the discharge.