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Remove the jewellery and measure it from the disc back to the top ball, every lip stud is different there is no standard size.

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Q: How can you tell what size your labret bar is?
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What sized labret bar do you get when you get your lip pierced?

a 16g

What is a labret bar?

A Labret bar as you call it is a Labret stud designed to be used in Labret piercings or oral piercings such as the Monroe, Medusa, Lowbret. It has a disc on one side and a shaft with internal or external threads to accept a threaded ball or threaded jewelled ball. The shaft must be sized to the client by the professional piercer to allow for swelling and proper healing. Labret is latin for lip, confused as french it is actually medical latin.

When you've had your labret pierced how do you now what size bar to get when wanting to change it as theere are different sizes?

Take it out and measure it if your piercer didn't tell you. 16g-1.2mm 14g-1.6mm . Its probably one of those but if it isn't look up a gauge-mm conversion.

What the smallest needle size for lower lip labret percing?

1.2mm / 16g

What size do they pierce your labret?

Either 16ga or 14ga. Call the shop and see.

What size gage do you use when first pierce your lip?

Generally a 14g for a male your lip/labret, and 16g for a female lip/labret or monroe, madonna, medusa piercing.

What is a vertical labret piercing does it pierce through the bottom and the top of your lip or something?

A vertical labret is through the bottom of your lip like a normal labret but instead of the other side being in your lip (touching teeth/on gum) it is through the middle of the bottom lip. so you can see both balls on the bar. See pic:

Where is your labret located?

Labret is french for lip

What types of jewelry can be used in a tragus piercing for example eyebrow bar tongue bar labret stud can you use these?

Labret studs and any kind of ring are best. You could use an eyebrow bar if you'd like but it can look a bit strange because the ball would point down. Tongue bars are way too long. You could use smaller barbells though, they work just as well as labret studs. Just not the same variety :)

What size jewelry is used when piercing your labret?

It's usually a 16 or a 14 gauge.

How do you tell the size of a chainsaw?

A chainsaw can be measured by Engine size or Bar length. Both are important to the weight and cutting applications

Can you get a vertical labret piercing if you already have your labret pierced?

Yes a vertical labret is on the lip surface to the lip edge, a labret is on the lower lip below the lip edge so having the two should not be an issue.

Can a labret stud be used on the lip?

If it's a vertical Labret piercing then it's a curved barbell, if it's a standard lip piercing it can be a labret stud or a ring.

What length labret does the body shop use to pierce with?

The size is selected at the time the piercing is done to best fit the client not all piercings are the same size.

Where can you find lip aka labret studs that from the outside look like a sparkle?

They are called Bio-Plast labret studs, they are a bio-compatable plastic labret stud.

How do you eat with a new lip piercing?

from the day you get your lip piercing done, the back, flat part of the labret bar imbeds slightly into your lip, don't worry as long as the lip doesn't engulf the bar, because this is normal. as a result, the bar kind of blends into your lip and it becomes easier to eat as the days go by of the healing process. just be careful if the first labret bar you got from the piercing place is long, because you can end up chewing the bar by mistake, so take eating slow the first while and you'll be fine :)

What is a labret piercing?

Labret is Latin for "lip" , a labret piercing was defined as a centerline lower lip piercing placed just below the center of the lower lip, they jewellery designed for this piercing is called a Labret stud a flat back stud with a removable top, screw on ball.A labret piercing in a piercing between the center of the lower lip and chin.

What is a lebret piercing?

Well it's actually a Labret piercing taken from the latin word for lip. A Labret piercing is a piercing in the lip done with a Labret stud, captive bead ring or barbell.

What is the smallest labret?


When youve had your labret pierced how do you now what size bar to get when wanting to change it as theere are different sizes?

Its usually 16ga but some piercers don't go smaller than 14ga. You can either call your piercer and ask or just measure it yourself. 16ga is 1.2mm and 14ga is 1.6mm.

What gaude is a labret?

This all depends on what size needle your piercing artist uses when performing the piercing. But after your piercing is healed, you can stretch the gauge size bigger to fit other jewelry. C:

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Can you wear a Labret in a Cartilage piercing?

Yes, of course you can. I like wearing labret posts in my ear piercings because of the flat backs.

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