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How can you tell which fuse is for the back up lights?

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If there's no indication on the fuse box of what goes to what, check the service/information book for your car. If you don't have that, then take a fuse out at a time, and look for a burnt one until you find it. Make sure to replace it with the same amp rating.

2006-07-24 03:07:04
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Which fuse is for back up lights vw golf 2000?

The number 7 fuse is for the back up lights on a 2000 WV Golf. This fuse also runs the speedometer and vehicle speed sensor.

Where is the brake light fuse located in the fuse box 1997 Honda civic?

Try these: 19 BACK-UP LIGHTS 7.5 10-3 Back-up lights. 32 LICENSE LIGHTS 7.5 100-1 Parking lights, License plate lights, Tail lights.

Do the back up lights on a Chevy trailblazer have a fuse also?


What is the lights on the back of a car called?

On the back of a car there are tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights. Cars also have back up lights that tell people when the car is in reverse.

What is number 39 in the 2001 ford focus fuse box?

Back up lights.

What fuse handles backup lights 240 Volvo?

Back up lights does not work on my 90 modle 240 gl

2004 Ford F150 crew cab back up lights or trailer lights don't work . What fuse do I need to replace?

It's the number 14 Fuse.

What could be wrong if your daytime running lights and your back up lights do not work?

The first thing I'd do is check the fuse. If the fuse is good the you might have a short in a wire somewhere.

How do you find the back-up lights fuse for a 2002 Ford Explorer?

hire a dectective

Why don't the brake lights work and the back up lights or back lights on a 1990 Cherokee jeep?

Check fuse number 4 on the inside fuse panel, something made it blow though so expect it to go again until you find the reason.

Why don't the back up lights work in a 92 dodge ram when you have checked the fuse and back up switch?

Bulbs? Open wire from switch to lights? Corroded light sockets? Bad ground?

Where is the fuse for the power window on a 1999 VW Cabrio?

the power windows fuse is fuse 14 the panel says back up lights but its also for the power windows

Where is the power window fuse for a 2001 vw cabrio?

the power windows fuse is fuse 14 the panel says back up lights but its also for the power windows

Where is the fuse for the back up lights in a 1994 Ford Ranger?

open the tailgate take out the light and look for a fuse or check your owners manual and your fuse box.

What specific fuse controls the rear tail lights on a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3?

I have a 2000 Focus Wagon. My dash lights and tailights are on same fuse labeled in the book as back up lamps. In my fuse box it is #32. .

Need the fuse location for rear lights for 95 ford ranger brake lights work but rear light do not?

the #3 slot is for the parking lights #11 is for the warning lights #21 is for hazzard lights and #26 is the back up lights the #3 slot is for the parking lights #11 is for the warning lights #21 is for hazzard lights and #26 is the back up lights

When put in reverse Back up lights do not work Brake lights and tail lights work fuse is good checked bulbs no power please tell you what to check from here?

Check the fuses first. If the fuses are ok check the reverse switch. The switch is under the dash on some models, and on the transmission on others. A bad or misaligned switch is the most likely cause for no back up lights.

How do you tell if an automotive fuse is blown under the hood?

Use a test light, Hook up a test light to the ground post of the battery and check both sides of the fuse. If the light lights up on one side but not the other side the fuse is more than likely blown. If the test light lights up on both sides the fuse is good.

How do tell which fuse is for the dashboard lights?

Turn on the dashboard lights, and start removing the fuses one by one. When the dashboard light turned off, that is the good fuse. If the dashboard fuse is burnt, start replacing the fuses one by one, and when the dashboard will light up that is the place of the burnt fuse.

How do I make by back up lights on my 92 dodge spirit work when the fuse is ok?

Check bulbs and switch

Where is the gauge fuse for back up lights on 1996 Camry?

Look in the fuse box under the lower left corner of the dash. The fuse panel has the application on the inside[at least my 04 does]

Both back up lights went out I replaced both lights and fuses Now what?

If you have power from the fuse but no to the lights the most likely cause is the reversing light switch has gone faulty.

What is the remedy on a 2004 Dodge 1500 pick up if the back up lights don't work but the bulbs and fuse are good?

It may be a back up switch located on top of transmission.

Why won't back up lights work on E350 ford econoline van?

The back up lights on an E350 Ford Econoline Van won't work if the fuse has blown, the bulbs are bad, or the wiring has become disconnected. The reverse sensor also controls when and if the lights turn on.

How do you fix the back up lights on a 2001 Ford F-150 pickup when the fuse is not blown and the brake lights work?

Check bulbs Check switch