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This requires troubleshooting with a live circuit and should only be done by someone with the proper knowledge to do so.

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Q: How can you tell which wire is what when they are all black?
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Why is the white wire white?

To tell it from the black wire. Just a standard in residential wiring.

If both wires for a ceiling light fixture are black how do you tell which is the live wire and which is neutral?

If both wires are black, the one that connects to your white wire is the one that should have little writing on it. Black to the plain black wire, white to the wire with writing.

Can you tell the radio wire colors for a 97 Pontiac Bonneville?

The red wire is the positive wire. The black wire is the ground wire. The green wire is the speaker wire. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

How do you wire the last fixture in a parallel circuit?

The last fixture in a parallel circuit is wired the same as the first. In North America, all of the fixtures are wired black wire to black wire and white wire to white wire. The black wire being the "hot" wire and the white wire being the neutral wire.

When wiring up a photocell where do the leads get connected?

Black Wire from photocel to hot wire(black) coming in red wire to light fixtures black wire. White wire to neutral wires all light and power source white.

My Windshield wiper motor stop working for my 1995 cutlass supreme. Can you tell me which wire is the hot wire and the ground wire?

Red is hot, black is not.

Which wire connects to the black wire?

black to black

Can someone tell me which wire on a 1998 Dyna ciol is the ground or trigger wire?

ground wires are always black, the trigger is pink

Connect green and black wires?

Green is generally the ground wire and black is almost always the hot wire. It is usually not a good idea to hook them together. Without knowing what each wire does, there is no way to tell from here.

How do you tell which wire is the switch wire when fitting new light?

You always switch the HOT side of the light, never the neutral. This would be the black wire from your voltage source.

How do you install a dimmer switch black wire red wire and green wire to some existing black and black wires?

Remove the old single pole switch. Connect the green dimmer wire to the ground wire. Now connect the black dimmer wire to the black wire that is the hot wire (wire carrying the electrical current into the box). Connect the red dimmer wire to the other black wire.

What is the positive wire between the red and black wire?

Red wire is positive (+) and black wire is negative (-).

Why does a battery snap have a red wire and a black wire?

Red wire=positive Black wire=negative

Is there a difference between black wire and red wire?

Yes, the red wire is a positive wire (+) and the black wire is a negative wire (-) :D

How do you tell a positive wire from a negative wire on a car?

On the car battery, the positive wire is red and the negative wire is black. If the body of the car is metal or conducts electricity, then the body of the car serves as the negative wire. The metal in the engine serves as the negative wire.

How do you wire electric fans?

no sparking fanThe white wire from the fan to the white wire from the ceiling get wire nutted together.The black and blue wire from the fan go to the black wire from the ceiling and all 3 get wire nutted together. Lastly the green wire from the fan and the bare copper wire from the ceiling get wire nutted together. 90% of fans are wired this way.

Should the black wire be bonded to the ground?

It depends on the color coding standards for what country you are in. In the US, the answer is no. The Neutral (white wire) is grounded at the service entrance to the building. The black wire should have roughly the same voltage to the neutral and to the ground. Something to be aware of: If you are using a meter and checking for continuity between the black wire and ground, it may tell you that they have continuity if the breaker is on.

How do you wire a wall switch plus outlet?

Bring the hot power wire into the wall switch box and run another wire out to the outlet. Tie all the whites together in the switch box under a wire nut and shove this back into the box. Tie the black incoming wire and the black wire going to the outlet together and jump a wire off this to one of the screws on the light switch. Connect the black wire going to the light to the other screw on the light switch. Connect the white/black wire to the outlet.

How do you connect a switch where the power is at the light?

Run a wire from the light to the switch. At the light connect the black power wire to the black wire to the switch. Not wrap some black electric tape at each end of the white wire going to the switch (This indicates that the wire is potentially hot and not a common wire). At the switch connect the black wire to one side of the switch and the taped wire to the other side of the switch. Connect the ground (bare) wire to the green screw on the switch. Now at the light connect the taped white wire to the black wire feeding the light and connect all grounds together with a wirenut.

Red and black speaker wire..which is negative?

It really does not matter which wire you use, the important thing is to make sure you user the same polarity throughout all of the system connections. General consensus is to use the black wire to all of the negative terminals.

Is the black wire the hot one or the black wire with a white line down it?

The black one

How do you wire a dimmer switch that has two black wires and one green wire to two black wires I have a old house and that is all that goes to all my light switches?

There is a good chance that the green wire is your grounding wire. Attach black to black with connectors and ground (green) to ground (usually a white wire in the box).

1990 Toyota 4Runner radio wires what one is the battery wire what color?

Battery wire is always the biggest wire of all.. It's either red or Blue/black for positive and the black for negative.. hope this helps..

Which is the positive wire between a white and black wire?

That depends if it is automotive or household wiring. On a car a black wire is almost always ground. On house wiring black is the supply (hot) wire.That depends if it is automotive or household wiring. On a car a black wire is almost always ground. On house wiring black is the supply (hot) wire.

Wiring a 90 bronco ll v6 O2 Sensor with 3 leads which is the heater wire?

i can tell you which one it's not and that is the black with white stripe that one is a ground.hope this helps at all.