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You can't. People who view your profile, it'll just add a count to your 'Profile Views' but you wouldn't know who viewed it.

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Q: How can you tell who viewed your profile on MySpace?
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Is it possible to know who has viewed my MySpace profile even if they are not members?


Can you tell who has viewed your profile?


How can you tell if someone viewed my Twitter profile?

There is no way of knowing who has viewed your profile.

How can you tell when people view your MySpace profile?

you can add an app to show CERTAIN people who check your myspace profile.

Where is profile views on MySpace?

When you log into myspace under your picture it says profile views. That will tell you how many people have looked at your profile since you started your account.

How can you tell when somebody viewed your hi5 profile?

you can tell by seeing the views increase

How can you tell who has looked on your MySpace profile?

There is no way to tell exactly who has looked at your profile, just the total number of views, which is beside your pic.

How do you know if somebody is viewing your myspace profile?

There is no specific way to tell if someone is viewing it, you can only see how many times it has been viewed and that will be on the left hand side of your home page.

Is there anyway someone can tell if you looked at their Twitter?

No, there is no way of knowing who has viewed your profile.

Can someone tell you have searched their name by their email on MySpace even though you did not enter to look at their profile?


Who is viewed your Facebook?

There's no way to tell who's viewed your profile unless you're sitting next to the person and watching him/her do so.

How do you put non-MySpace themes on your MySpace profile?

This page explains exactly how to add a profile to your myspace:

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