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Throw it into the wind, or throw it straight up.

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Q: How can you throw a ball with all your might and without hitting a wall or other obstruction have it stop and come right back to you?
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What is the medical term meaning obstruction or blockage?

ileus"Colonic inertia" is a condition known to be one of the most common factors which cause constipation.Intestinal obstruction (or bowel obstruction) is a mechanical or functional obstruction (or blockage) of the intestines caused by many different factors or conditions.

Light hitting a prism is an example of?

Light hitting a prism is an example of illumination. If you stick around long enoughto observe what has happened to the light by the time it has entered the prism andemerged from the other side, then you might also see effects of refraction.

Will hemorrhoids cause ribbon-like stools?

I am not 100% sure but I feel that they might. If an internal hemorrhoid is large enough it may cause an obstruction. Either way, see a doctor. Other than a bowel obstruction (a HUGE one), liver disease causes ribbon like stools. You SHOULD see your doctor

What are the symptoms of intestinal obstruction or SBOs due to adhesions?

depend on the degree and location of the obstruction. Partial or off-and-on intestinal obstruction due to adhesions may result in intermittent periods of painful abdominal cramping and other symptoms, including diarrhea

Can a rat live without its head?

It might bleed to death? ( but other then that no )

More on why girl's and boy's should not play on the same sport team?

girks can be aggresive, but as well as boys. they might end up hitting each other in spots. that is why

Is it good sayings curse words at age of 10?

yea is very good like u may defend ur self without hitting each other]

What are the reasons why the prostate biopsy may not be done on someone?

There might be some kind of obstruction in the bowel that may prevent the biopsy. I can't think of any other reason why it would not be done if the doctor thought it necessary.

What is it called when you are arrested for driving under the speed limit?

obstruction of other road users

Is simply refusing to open your door for an officer obstruction obstruction?

the psni popo smashed the door window in where i was it wasent my door to open and i forgot or dident no where the key,s where and i was told nobody was aloud in obstruction and then de arrested you dont open other peoples doors with out consent uthrf

Small Bowel Obstruction?

Most cases of intestinal blockage are known as small bowel obstruction. This condition is mainly seen in patients with a prior surgical history or patients with Crohn's disease or some other inflammatory bowel disease. With small bowel obstruction, part or all of the small bowel is blocked off by either stool or adhesions. Though it may seem like a problem that requires surgery, most of the time people with this problem can be treated in the hospital without surgery.

What is meant by free falling objects?

objects which can fall through the air without hitting anything or be affected by any other variables that may cause them to stop going in their set direction.