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How can you transfer files from your PC to PlayStation Memory Card?


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You need a Memory Card reader device to connect the Memory card to a computer


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they are on a memory card whitch you buy from a store

To transfer data between two or more PlayStation systems, you must have a PlayStation Memory Card. Insert the Memory Card into either of the two Memory Card slots on the PlayStation system. Upon powering on the PlayStation, access the Memory Card from the menu and you can drag and drop game save data. Once you have the data you need, shut off the system and remove the Memory Card. Then insert the Memory Card into another PlayStation system and the data on the card can now be used on the second system. Keep in mind that the Memory Card must remain in the PlayStation that you are using, as the PlayStation lacks internal storage.

The only memory cards that can do this are ones that have a usb port

If you need to transfer photo files from a computer to a memory card, you can use a card reader slot if available on the computer (specially many laptops these days have card slots) or you can use an external USB card reader to transfer photos or any other data to and from a memory card. - Neeraj Sharma

Yes, you can transfer the pictures from the memory card to a computer. Then transfer from the computer to the phone using the usb data cable that came with the phone. If you do not want to do that, you can take the memory card (not the sim card) out of the phone, find an adapter and connect it to your computer directly. Then transfer files.

yes, depending on the size of the memory card, you can save quite a few different game files on one memory card

You can transfer game saves from one memory card to another by putting the two memory cards you need (the one with the save files, the one you want to transfer to). Make sure your disc is empty, and then go to the browser in the menu. There, go into the memory card with the save file, find said save file, choose "copy" and it should give you an option to transfer to your other memory card. Hope this helped.

no you dont need a memory card to work a playstation 1

Insert a memory card to the USB Reader device and plug the USB reader to the USB Port of a computer. Now your memory card is ready to use and you can send file to it.

The largest memory card available for the PlayStation 2 is the Pro DUO card which is 16GB.

it has a hard drive not a memory card.

I found that it easy to transfer when I have a USB reader and memory card. I download files on the memory card from the PS3 using the USB port then I can transfer them to if the device has a USB port or can read the memory card I used. My 16GB Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo came with a USB Portable Memory Card Reader/Writer and I dd not have to pay the $15 retail cost for the device. There are many other options and some have built in memory. I don't know whether the Xperia has a USB port and most of my transfer are between PS3 and PC. If the Xperia has a mini USB port you can also try using the PS3 charging cable to download any files you want to transfer. You use the options key on the controller after you find the files you want to transfer under your music and photos section for your PS3.

Yes. File is a file, it can be transferred to any place, usb, harddrive, memory card etc (provided you have write access)

I do believe that a PlayStation 2 will recognize a PlayStation 1 memory card. I use a ps1 memory card in my ps2 might it might vary from the different memory card brands.

AnswerYes! Any PS1 memory card should go in a PS2 memory card slot.It will not be able to can load a playstation game and play it though!

You go on the file that you want will ask you which memory card you want to save it on and pick 2 and let it load and you're done

Flash memory cards are used to transfer files. They are extremely easy to use and very portable.

It uses a PlayStation 2 memory card. 8mb. Companies on card: Sony and MagicGate. only ps2 cards

Yes, but you cannot save playstation 1 games on a playstation 2 memory card as they are not compatible.

A PlayStation 3 has a Harddrive and can read memory cards with a USB adaptor

yes,you can create an internal memory card and start for scratch with all of your playstation games or you can get a memory card adapter driver which is about $10.00-$15.00 and convert all your saved games from a playstation memory card and play as you would on a palystation

You can't transfer files on xbox 360 using a usb thumb drive, but you can if you buy a xbox 360 memory card

Yes, to store PlayStation 2 game data you need a 8MB (PS2) memory card. The PS2 will still play most games without a memory card

It's not a PS2 and does not take a memory card for the PS2. For the backward compatible 4 USB port PS3s you create a memory card in the harddrive of the PS3.

Yes. if the card has enough memory

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