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yes and it is ( in spanish ): amortiguar

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Q: How can you translate crawfish etouffee in Spanish?
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What does ehtufe mean?

If you mean etouffee, it is a wonderful Cajun stew made with crawfish or other seafoods. See links.If you did not mean etouffee, you need to give the language of the word ehtufe.

Is crawfish etoufee good after being left out overnight?

As with any food, the length of time crawfish etouffee lasts in the refrigerator will depend on how it was handled after cooking and the temperature of the refrigerator. If you don't think you'll use it within a day or two, it might be best to freeze it.

How you make a sentence using the word translate?

I can translate the document from English to Spanish.

What does one use the spice Cajun for?

Typically Cajun spices are used in foods that have their basis in certain types of seafood and southern food based out of Louisiana and Mississippi. Examples include dishes like shrimp jambalaya, crawfish etouffee, gumbo, and catfish.

How do you translate 'broad street' into Spanish?

buy a spanish dictionary or use 'google translate'

How do you translate a movie from spanish to English?

Just translate it the same way you translate anything. The words 'a movie' are 'una pelicula' in Spanish

Translate knurled to spanish?

Go to and they will translate it for you for free!

Translate your paradise into Spanish?

tu paraíso is in spanish

How do you translate 'mother' into Spanish?

Mother in Spanish is "Madre."

Translate boy into Spanish?

Boy in Spanish is niño.

What does France translate to in Spanish?

France in Spanish is Francia.

What is Traduz in Spanish?