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buy a spanish dictionary or use 'Google translate'

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Q: How do you translate 'broad street' into Spanish?
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The spanish word for broad street?

The Spanish word for broad street is "calle ancha."

What English word that came from Spanish means broad street?


A spanish word that means broad street?

calle anchaCalle ancha

What spanish word means ''broad street''?

calle anchacalle ancha

What calle mean in Spanish?

''Calle'' means street in Spanish.

What does la calle ancha means?

"La calle ancha" in Spanish means "the wide street" in English.

What word is spanish for board street?

"Board Street" is presumably a road with that title, so you would translate it as "Calle Board". If you wish to actually translate the name too, it would be "Calle de Tabla."

How do you translate Perdro lives on fourth street to Spanish?

Pedro vive por la calle cuatro.

When was Broad Street Mall created?

Broad Street Mall was created in 1971.

When did Broad Street Riot happen?

Broad Street Riot happened in 1837.

When was Broad Street School created?

Broad Street School was created in 1897.

When was Broad Street Run created?

Broad Street Run was created in 1980.