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There isn't an actual way to do this.. but if you have Pokemon soul silver, diamond, pearl, or heartgold add my msn and tell me ur friend code and I'll give you free Pokemon and they'll be holding master balls. :)

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How do you turn a pokeball into a master ball?

simple truth: you can't

How do you turn a pokeball in to a master ball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

u cant

What pokeball is the best?

the best pokeball is the master ball.

The best pokeball?

The best pokeball is a Master Ball which never fails.

Can you turn a pokeball into a master ball?

#1 naturally you cant #2 only way is to get 999 master balls using AR

How do turn a pokeball to a master ball in Pokemon Blue?

Other than an Action Replay / Gameshark, you can't.

What pokeball is good for capturing rayquazer?

An Ultra ball is good or a master ball An Ultra ball is good or a master ball

What pokeball to catch virzion?

use a master ball

What pokeball to use to catch hoho?

master ball.

What pokeball is best to catch Articuno?

a master ball

What kind of pokeball can you use to catch registeel?

a quick ball or a master ball

What pokeball should you catch moltres in?

a ultraball or a master ball

What Pokeball can catch Rotom in Pokemon Platinum?

master ball

How to change pokeball to master ball in Pokemon god?

You Don't.........

In Pokemon platinum what pokeball should you use to catch mespirit?

any ball but to be sure that you get it for a fact use master ball. Actually the best pokeball for the job is a regular Pokeball.

What is the best pokeball to catch Mesprit with in diamond version?

A Master Ball

What is the master ball code in Pokemon Red?

a pokeball that can never fail

How do you make a pokeball a masterball in Pokemon firered?

you need to buy a master ball or find one you cant make a master ball

How do you make every Pokeball work like a master ball in Pokemon firered?

You Can"t You Need To Get A Master Ball Hope This Helps :]

What type of pokeball would you recommend to catch regigigas besides a master ball?

dusk ball

How do you get raikou in Pokemon Gold?

you catch it with a ball, you can use a pokeball, a great ball, an ultra ball, or a master ball. or some other ones. i recommend the master ball because it is the best

What are all the pokeball types?

Here are the 16 Pokeball types:PokeballGreat BallUltra BallMaster BallSafari BallCherish BallDive BallNet BallRepeat BallQuick BallTimer BallNest BallDusk BallHeal BallHeavy BallLuxury BallIsn't there a Lure Ball in the anime?

What pokeball should you use to catch Kyogre?

a master ball should work because a master ball always work on any pokemon

What pokeball do you use to catch Mewtwo?

a master ball preferably but any ball will work with a bit of luck

What pokeball do you catch Mewtwo with?

I prefer to use my Master Ball for Mewtwo, but at least use an Ultra Ball.

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