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On Big Nate Island, you use a lobster (no kidding) to turn the lighthouse crank. (see the related question below)


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Use the lobster as a crank to turn the light. (see related question)

Once. But you have to be at the lighthouse crank. Use the lobster and it will automatically complete the process.

Use a lobster to grip the crank on the lighthouse light. (see related question)

You have to get the crab pot for the sailer then he will give you the containtens [a crab] you can use the crab as a crank.

You use the lobster as "pliers" to turn the crank on the lighthouse, so that the light scares away the seagull from the school bell tower.

The lobster can turn the crank on the light at the top of the lighthouse, scaring away the seagull from the school bell tower.

You do not play as Big Nate. He accompanies you around most of the island, and races you on the jet skis.

You can't play "as" Nate, but everywhere you go on the island, he tags along.

it is at the right end of Big Nate Island

There is no Duke among the characters of Big Nate island.

Big Nate Island was released in February, 2009, and followed by Astro Knights Island in June, 2009.The island after Big Nate island was Astro Knights island in June, 2009.

you use it to turn the light on the lighthouse

Use it to turn the crank and move the lighthouse light. Turning it to the left scares the seagull away from the school bell tower.

Big Nate Island on the Poptropica map is the 9th from the top.

Look up walkthrough for big nate island on youtube!

Go to your blimp and travel across the map to Big Nate Island.

no they just call him big nate cause he lookes big on the island picture.

You go to the science room in Big Nate and mix blue and yellow and turn the heat to 3.

As far as is known, there is no banana tree on Big Nate Island.

The lobster claw grabs the crank to turn the light on the lighthouse. When the light turns left, it scares the seagull away from the school's bell tower. Now you can fix the bell.

On Big Nate island the three girls stand on the playground to the right of the school .

The main light on BIG NATE island is the LIGHT HOUSE

There aren't any now. They were part of the island promotion prior to the release of Big Nate Island.

There is no ladder that is movable on Big Nate Island. You can jump up anywhere by finding the proper path.

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