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water it

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Q: How can you turn yellow grass green?
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How do you turn yellow grass into green?


How can you get your yellow grass to turn green again?

Water it .(:

What makes grass turn green to yellow?

Grass changes from green to yellow when it dies because of lack of sunshine or water the moisture in the grass will evaporate and that dries it up and as the grass dies it changes coulors

Why is grass green and not pink, yellow, or blue?

wWhy wouldnโ€™t the grass be green?

When does the grass turn green?

The grass turns green when it is exposed to sunlight.

Repairing yellow grass to green grass?

ear pizza

How does grass turn green?

Grass turns green because of Chlroyphyll, a type of cell in plants which makes it turn green

What color is your grass?

Grass is always a healthy green when, well, healthy. When dying from lack of water, CO2, etc., it will turn orange, yellow, etc.

How can you turn green grass yellow?

Other than by painting it yellow, all you have to do is cover it up, and the green chlorophyll pigment will fade. Grass under temporary swimming pools usually turns yellow and may begin to ferment (rot). Grass that stores its pigment during the winter usually turns brown (tan) rather than yellow.

Why does the grass turn Green in summer?

why not?

Can a dull mower blade cause your grass to turn yellow?

A dull mower blade will "tear" the grass instead of "cut" it. The jagged blades of grass will dry up and cause your lawn to look brownish or even yellowish - much like when cut grass clippings turn from green to brown/yellow as they dry up.

You turn green into yellow and yellow into white what are you?


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