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How can you use alternative medicine in a sentence?


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Here is how you can use alternative medicine in a sentence, "Most herbalists will claim to have alternative medicine." Alternative medicine refers to another option in terms of medication.


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Yes, it is a form of alternative medicine. "Wide use" does not make something not an alternative medicine. To not be an alternative medicine, it has to go through rigourous testing against placebos. Ayurvedic hasn't done this. It, therefore, is scientifically unproven and an alternative medicine.

There is no alternative medicine to the dexamethasone.

"I will seek out a better alternative."

How to use inject in a sentence: i had to inject a medicine into the veins.

What are the beliefs behind alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine tends to disagree with conventional medicine about the treatment plans for cancer

There are over 1500 alternative medicine enthusiasts in China.

The medicine had an immediate effect

In many countries alternative remedies are the only form of medicine. There are areas that have medicine men and women as their main medical source, but at the same time use modern treatments as well.

No, it is simply a form of A Japanese healing method. It is alternative healing not medicine

There is currently no standard international title for Alternative Medicine Doctors. DR(AM) is currently being proposed as a promotional prefix in the United States of America ; where it has already been successfully trademarked in a multidisciplinary manner , to comprehensively accommodate Alternative Medicine Doctors,Alternative Medicine Practitioners,Alternative Medicine Professionals, Alternative Medicine Researchers and Alternative Medicine Entrepreneurs etc. * The DR(AM) Initiative is also currently being legally extended to all major countries in Europe ; where it is formidably being promoted on a massive scale.

When you are sick you have to have the plants medicine to cure you otherwise you will suffer from the sickness that you have.

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine. Activiz®, Acidim®, and Oronerv® is an alternative medicine to treating varicocele.

Alternative medicine refers to any healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.

such alternative systems as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine developed treatments for it.

The medicine was not effective on the child.

i went to the pharmacy to get some medicine

the doctor prescribed this medicine for me

I biologically created a new medicine

There are a range of degree programs to choose from depending on your alternative medicine interest. You can take a look, Indian Board of Alternative Medicine Website courses page for in details.

Alternative medicine is basically a folk medicine practiced in various countries & in various civilizations in one form or the other for over centuries.

This is a serious medical condition. You should consult your physician and should not consider 'alternative medicine'.

Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine.

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