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Read the manual and it says what buttons you're supposed to press on the 360 controller

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2009-09-01 23:22:35
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Q: How can you use an xbox 360 wireless controller as a guitar in guitar hero world tour?
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Is the Guitar Hero 2 controller wireless?

No, you can use the guitar hero 3 controller, which is wireless, for guitar hero two

How do you program a wireless Playstation 2 guitar hero controller?

there is only a wireless controller in guitar hero 3

Can you use an xbox 360 wireless controller as a guitar in guitar hero world tour?


Can you use wireless Xbox 360 controller for guitar hero?

Yes, you can play Guitar Hero while using your wireless Xbox 360 controller. The wireless standard controller is all I play Guitar Hero with, the guitar is too complicated and the controller just makes everything easier. The only thing I haven't figured out about Guitar Hero when you use the standard controller is how you use the Whammy Bar. Otherwise, the controller is an excellent way to play Guitar Hero.

How do you get the wireless guitar work for guitar hero on the ps2?

By plugging in the wireless dongle to the controller port.

Can you use the wireless controller as a guitar like in GH3 at guitar hero 3 world tour?

ya u can

Your Guitar Hero controller is not working proberly?

my guitar hero wireless controller is not working properly i hook up the controller but sill not working and the plug to

How do you use guitar hero world tour guitar controller on playstation 2?

First turn the guitar on and then connect it to the wireless receiver

Can you use your Guitar Hero 2 controller on Guitar Hero 4?

if its wireless ya if wired

Will the wireless guitar for rock band work with Guitar Hero 4 world tour?

Yes the guitar controller for Rock Band will work on Guitar Hero World Tour. Rock Band drums and microphone also work on Guitar Hero World Tour.

What is the best option to use as second guitar for Guitar Hero on ps2?

Guitar Hero™ Kramer Striker Wireless Guitar Controller

Is there an Xbox version of the game "Guitar Hero" that comes with a guitar controller?

Yes, guitar hero 5 comes with an improved guitar controller and it is wireless, which makes the game a lot easier.

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