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The scarf was very worn out, so I had to throw it out.


The scarf was very worn, so I threw it away.

***you don't have to say worn out, you can just say worn, but either works.

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Q: How can you use worn in a sentence?
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How can you use word worn out in a sentence?

This rug is worn out, we need to replace it

How do you use warn and worn in a sentence?

I tried to warn you that those brakes were worn out.

How do you use upholster in a sentence?

When people brought in a worn couch, he would upholster it for them.

How can you use anorak in a sentence?

an anorak was origonally worn by eskamos in the artic tundra

How do you use the word trousers in a sentence?

Your trousers should not be worn below your waistline, mister!

How do you use the word worn in a sentence?

these are some examples 1. I have worn this shirt every day 2.This shirt is worn out 3. how often have you worn my shirt?!

Use rustic in a sentence?

The worn, dusty cabin was very rustic and made me feel at home.

How do you use word circlet in a sentence?

There is a ring shapes ornament called a circlet, usually worn on the head

How do you use the word linoleum in a sentence?

In the past, all kitchen floors were covered with linoleum. The linoleum was worn.

How do you use the word Bruxism in a sentence?

His teeth had become worn down in his sleep over time due to bruxism.

What is a sentence with bewithered?

tired and or worn out

How do you get the word worn in a sentence?

Do you think i look good allthough i have worn it before?