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Q: How clevage makes calcite break with a?
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Why does calcite break in smooth flat surface?

calcite has a regular arrangement of atoms.

Why does calcite break smooth flat surfaces?

calcite has a regular arrangement of atoms.

Which mineral had 4 directions of cleavage?

I think Calcite. Calcite is 3 on the hardness scale and sometimes you can break it into cubes. The difference between Calcite and Quartz is that Calcite is a milky white.

What are two ways a mineral can break down?

Clevage-a flat cut. Fracture-a cut that hes bumps in it.

Does calcite break in cleavage or fracture?


What is special about calcite how can it easily be identified?

The easiest way to determine a calcite is with the acid test. dilute HCl makes calcite effervesce. (bubble)

What makes a guy look at a girl from time to time?

Flash a lil clevage. give him a hug

Does calcite have fracture?

Fracture refers to the tendency of a mineral to break along curved surfaces without a regular shape. Calcite has no fracture.

What direction is calcite cleavage?

Calcite has excellent cleavage in 3 directions, although they are not at 90 degrees. It can form prisms, rhombohedrons, or scalenohedrons that break into rhombohedrons.

Why does calcite break into clean flat surfaces?

It has a regular arrangement of atoms.

What mineral makes up stalactites and stalagmites?


What property of calcite makes it easy to identify?

It fizzes when put in acid.

What is the shape of calcite?

Calcite crystals form in a wide variety of shapes, but tend to break into rhombohedrons (six-sided solids that resemble cubes except that the faces meet at 60° instead of 90°).

What is the clevage of a ruby?

Ruby does not have any typical consistent clevage. Though it may show parting on twinned stones.

What is the Calcite test?

Answerfrom (see link to the left): Everyone's favorite way of identifying calcite is the acid test. When you place a drop of weak acid, such as vinegar, on calcite, it will bubble. This happens because a reaction causes a little bit of the calcite to break down, releasing carbon dioxide gas, making the bubbles.and also by hcl test

What mineral makes up limestone?

Calcite / Aragonite and variable (but less than 50 %) dolomite.

Does gold have clevage?

oh yeah

Why is marble stronger than limestone?

Marble is made up of interlocking crystals that fit together perfectly like a jigsaw, this makes it harder to break so therefore it is stronger. Limestone is made up of calcite grain that have been stuck together so they don't actually fit together properly.

Is calcite cleavage or fracture?

it depends on wheather if it broke off clean and smooth or rough and irregular sometimes it will break off in 90 degree angle

What is clevage?

the breakage of a rock along a smooth surface

What is it called when minerals do not show clevage?

It is called fracture.

What splits so that the cells can reproduce?

clevage furrow

Does calcite have cleavage?

Yes, calcite does have cleavage

How do you create calcite?

Calcite belongs to the calcite group of minerals, a group of related carbonates. Many important chemicals are created from Calcite, as well as useful drugs.

What is the shape of the calcite?

Calcite has a trigonal-hexagonal system of crystallization. The shapes of calcite are very various.