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Colcichine inhibits the formation of spindle fibres during early metaphase.Thus the cell division process stops during late prophase.micotubule has 2 ends.+ end or - microtubule growth addition of tubulins(subunit of microtubule) is much faster than removal of it at - end.but if we supply cochicine to the cells,new tubulins will form complexes with colchicine and when these tubulins added to + end,further elongation is inhibited,but removal of tubulins at the other end is still continuing,so we speak about degradation of mcrotubule.the end result is division process stopped,because now,metaphase is not possible.

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Q: How colchicine might effect daughter cells produced by a cell during mitosis?
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What is the number of daughter cells produced during mitosis?

Two daughter cells are produced during mitosis.

Why are cells arrested with colchicine during metaphase of mitosis when creating a karyotype?

why are cells arrested with colchicine during metaohase of mitosis when creating a karyotype

How many daughter cells are produced during mitosis?

Two are produced in Mitosis and 4 in meosis.

What cells are produced during mitosis?

Cells produced during mitosis are commonly called daughter cells. These two daughter cells are identical to the parent cell.

Number of cells produced during mitosis?

Mitosis produces two identical daughter cells.

The daughter cells that are produced during mitosis are?

Identical to their parent cell.

Why does a gamete produced during meiosis have half as many chromosomes as a daughter cell produced during mitosis?

they double 30 times its wight

How many chromosomes are in the daughter cells during mitosis?

During mitosis daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes as in the parental cells.

The chromosomes of daughter cells formed during mitosis?

Each daughter cell formed during mitosis has one set of chromosomes. The parent cells double the amount of cells during mitosis.

How many daughter cells are produced during the process of meiosis?

Only two are produced. They are identical to each other

What type of chromosome is produced during mitosis?

All chromosomes are reproduced during mitosis.

What type of cell are produced during mitosis?

Sister Cells or Daughter Cells. (basically they clone themselves) But when they split both cells are new, hence the daughter cells.

Do the daughter cells produced during mitosis have the same exact number of chromosomes as the parent cell?

Yes They do.Mitosis divides the cell into two identical daughter cells.

How are the cells produced during mitosis different from the cells produced during meiosis?

the cells produced in mitosis are diploid cells (2n) whereas the cells produced in meiosis are haploid (n)

How does the amount of DNA produced in a cell during mitosis compare with that produced during meiosis?

By mitosis, it's twice the amount of DNA in a cell as cells produced by meiosis.

How does the genetic information in daughter cells produced during mitosis compare to its parent cell genetic information?

The genetic information of the daughter cells is genetically identical to that of the parent cell.

What takes place during mitosis?

Short Answer = Cell Division.Division of nucleus take place. Two identical daughter nuclei are produced

What is true about a daughter cell producted by mitosis?

Two daughter cells are made by one parent cell during Telophase in Mitosis.

What happens to the chromosome number in mitosis?

Before mitosis begins, the cell replicates its chromosomes (so the chromosome number doubles). Then during/after mitosis the cell splits in half - so each daughter cell produced by mitosis has the same chromosome number as the original cell.

How does the number of chromosomes of a daughter cell produced through meiosis compare to one produced through mitosis?

during miosis the chromosome number is doubled. Then it is halfed during miosis 1. then, during meiosis 2, the sister chromatids are pulled apart.

How many cells are created during mitosis?

Mitosis creates two identical daughter cells.

What happens during the phase of mitosis?

Daughter chrmosomes are distributed to two daughter nuclei.

What is meant by a daughter cell?

A cell that is produced after cell division has taken place, e.g. mitosis or meiosis. New cells produced by mitosis or meiosis are called daughter cells of the cell which has undergone cell division. During mitotic division the age of daughter cell corresponds to its parent cell. During meiosis, gametogenesis is the beginning of new life of an individual, after fertilization and embryo-genesis. This affects the telomeres of chromosomes and these new cells of the embryo are daughter cells in real sense of the word daughter.

What are cells formed during mitosis called?

daughter cells

How many cells are produced from one cell in mitosis?

2! These 2 cells are then called daughter cells and are exactly identical.