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The temperature of sodium chloride is not important in this case; salt is added to lower the freezing point of the mixture and to give consistency to the ice cream.

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Does sodium chloride dissolve in cold water?

Yes, sodium chloride is very soluble.

What is the volume of 35.7g of sodium chloride in 100cm3 of cold water?

What is the volume of 35.7g of sodium chloride in 100cm3 of cold water?

Is sodium chloride a hydrate?

Sodium chloride has a rare dihydrate, obtained from cold solutions - NaCl.2H2O.

Why sodium chloride is soluble in cold water but not in boiling water?

Sodium chloride is also soluble in boiling water.

How do you separate ammonium chloride and sodium chloride?

After heating ammonium chloride is sublimated and collected on a cold surface.

Is ice cream still cold when it melts?

Technically it's still cold, but not enough to freeze to be icecream.

Why is sodium chloride used to make freezing mixtures used by ice cream vendors?

Sodium Chloride when added to water helps reduce the freezing temperature of water, meaning that water will stay liquid at temperatures below it's actual freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius. Similarly, when sodium chloride is added to ice, the temperature of the mixture reduces rapidly and helps keep things cooler and ice creams are best when they're cold :) Hope this helps.

Why do the marshmallows not freeze in rocky road ice cream?

marshmallows are mostly air. air doesn't freeze solid it just gets cold and thin.

What happens if you take ice cream on Pluto?

it will freeze because Pluto is too far away and too cold to eat the ice cream. plus what flavor is the ice cream

Why does ice cream melts in the freezer?

ehhh, freezers freeze. The freezer temperature is not low (cold) enough.

Is sodium chloride more soluble in hot or cold water?

Like most (but not all !) salts they are more soluble in hot than in cold water.

Why do you need to use a saltwater solution as a part of a bath when making homemade ice cream?

Salt water does not freeze completely when the temperature drops below 0 degrees. However, it does reach that point, and since it is a liquid, it is a direct application of the cold to the ice cream. I you only apply cold air to the ice cream, it takes longer to freeze, which results in large ice chunks in your ice cream.

State three reasons why ice cream will not freeze properly?

the ice cream might be in a place that doesn't get alot of cold air. it depends on the type of ice cream you might be checking on it too early

How do you separate a mixture of iodine solid and sodium chloride?

Iodine is well known to sublime (change from solid to gas without becoming liquid inbetween) when heated. However sodium chloride has a melting point much higher than that of iodine. Therefore, a mixture of iodine and sodium chloride can be separated by using a sublimation apparatus, with solid iodine collected by condensation on a cold surface.

Does ice-cream freeze your stomach?

No. Freezing is when you take something that is in the liquid or vapor phase and turn it into a solid. Your stomach is already solid, so it is impossible to freeze your stomach. You can make your stomach very cold though, and if you eat something that is cold enough it might even cause ice crystals to form where they don't belong, causing cellular damage. Technically, portions of your stomach are liquid, so they can freeze - if exposed to something cold enough, like liquid nitrogen - but regular ice cream is not cold enough. Commercial freezers like you get in a store or your home do not get cold enough to make ice cream freeze your stomach. Also, as Ice cream gets colder it gets harder and harder, and long before you would have problems with it inside your tummy it would be impossible to scrape out of the tub.

Will petroleum jelly freeze?

No. It will get cold but it will not freeze.

What temperature does ice cream freeze at?

I have a freezer that holds a temp at 1 degree, will that hold ice cream? I put cold water in the freezer next to the indoor thermostat and not only did the water freeze the temp was at 1 degree. Later I was told that when they put ice cream in it the temp went up to 10 degrees. can you help me

When water freeze what's the reason?

Cold temperatures will, if cold enough, freeze water.

Why mustard oil not freeze?

It will freeze if you get it cold enough.

How cold does it have to be for a cow to freeze to death?

_ 20 (minus 20 ) is how cold it has to be for a cow to freeze to death

How do you make a sandwich delicious?

add ice-cream cold cold cold ice cream

Why do you need salt on ice when you use a ice cream maker to make ice cream?

Ice water is only 32 degrees F, and ice cream needs to be much colder to properly freeze. The salt lowers the freezing point of the water. The super cold water is what will actually freeze the ice cream. You can actually get the temp of the liquid water down to about 10 degrees F.

In which stores do you buy cold cream?

every store that has a fridge with cold cream in it!

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