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How cold should the air be blowing out of vents when the AC is running?

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55 degrees to 60 degrees

2007-04-01 07:34:18
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How cold should the air be blowing out of the vents when the central AC unit is running properly?

There should be at least a 12 degree split between the incomming air and the air comming out of the vents.

I have a 93 is blowing cold out of the defogger vents and floor vents under dashbut no air is coming out of the four vents on the dash.What should i do?

You need to pop your hood and check your vaccum lines should be by the passenger side should be little tubes and stuff with a TT piece maybe running by your engine or possibly into your firewall !! - Phat-Boi

My 2003 Kia Spectra is not blowing cold air?

Is the compressor running ?

What could be wrong if there is not as much air blowing from the vents as there was because the house doesn't get cold?

The coil is dirty.Hose it out with a water hose.

Why is your refrigerator is not cold and the freezer is not cold?

My refrigerator is not running cold nor is the freezer. It is blowing warm air.

1999 Pontiac Montana and there are 5 vents on the dash but only 2 of the vents are blowing cold air and the other 3 on the driver side are blowing barely cool air?

There are 2 filters you access in the glove box. If they are dirty you get almost no air. Clean or replace them and be amazed at the difference

What kind of gloves are best for running in cold weather?

Any leather gloves are great for cold weather, and some have vents for when your hands get too hot.

Should cold air vents be closed when using central air conditioning?


Why on a 99 Chevy suburban would the back vents be blowing cold air when the temp in front and back are set on heat?

There is no heater matrix for the back air vents, only and evaporator for the A/C. My suburban always blowed cold until I added an extra rear heater matrix.

Why is warm air blowing from one vent closest to the air handler while all the other vents have cold air blowing from my central AC in a FL ranch house?

The electric heating elements are probably turned on.

Why is warm air blowing out of left side vents and cold out of right vents when air con is on in your 2000 grandprix gt?

The climate control is not operating for the passenger side. Check to insure the physical controls work, and the diverter vents are opening to let the cool air to the passenger side.

Which vents are for cold air return wall or floor?

Cold air return vents are the ones on the wall

Why would hot air instead of cold air suddenly start blowing from the front vents on a 2000 Pontiac grand am?

maybe the a/c needs to be recharged with freon

Why is only one of your vents blowing cold air when running your vans AC-2000 Chevy venture?

mine did the same thing i just added some coolant to it and it fixed it and havent had any more problems watch your hands though its the line running between the fan and the motor ... i walked around with burnt hands for a week

How cold should a car air conditioner blow?

Coming out of the vents around 43 degrees

Where should vents be placed-celiling or floor for AC?

Ceiling. Cold air fails

Why is air conditioner running outside unit but not blowing inside?

If your air conditioner is running outside by not blowing cold air inside through your vent, your indoor coil is frozen. You will need to turn everything off and allow the unit to thaw out.

What should you check if your heater stopped working in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

Which part isn't working? Is it blowing air but it stays cold, is it not blowing at all or is it just blowing to the defroster?

Why is your 02 cavalier running hot and only blowing out cold air?

either low on collant or a failing water pump

Should a child have a fan blowing on him if he has a cold and fever?

well yes but not on full blast

Dodge charger blowing cold air from only one side?

If it is blowing cold on one side of climate control despite knob position, and has a fully functional range on the other side of the vehicle, it is likely the air blender actuator or the control unit (main component with knobs in dash). Either way, this is a costly repair even for do-it-yourself'ers. Additionally, the driver-side climate controls the rear vents (06' specifically), so if your driver vents are cold, so are your passengers in the back...

Why your camaro is running hot and blowing cold air from the heater?

Low coolant, bad thermostat, blockage in waterlines ot jacket.

Why is house heater running but blowing cold air?

Turn up the inlet gas pressure on the furnace to create more BTUs.

What kind of burn should be treated with slow running cold water or cold-pack?

All burns should be treated with either cold running water or an ice pack. Water is preferable.

Air conditioner not blowing cold air on hot day?

The first thing to check is that the outside unit is running. That the compressor and the Fan is running. If they are running, then have the Freon pressure in the system checked. You may be low on coolant.