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Chances are you're not rinsing your hair completely while you're in the shower.

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Q: How come bangs become greasy right after a shower?
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If you have a greasy scalp is that good?

having greasy hair isn't ever really good, it means that it isn't clean, or that you maybe failed to rinse out conditioner from your hair after a shower. however, if your hair is greasy right after you take a shower and you really washed out your conditioner, it could be due to puberty, just like your face gets oily during puberty, so can your scalp.

The hair right below your forehead?


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You can choose to part your hair wherever you want when you have side bangs. Most often it is easiest to style if your bangs and hair part at the same place, so for side bangs that sweep to the left a right side part is most common.

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