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Q: How come we can't hear an explosion like supernova in space?
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Does gold come from space?

Every element heavier than iron was created in a supernova explosion. Gold, Platinum, and Palladium were elements created by supernova explosions.

How come you cant breathe in outer space?

Because there's nothing out there to breathe.

Is iron the heaviest element made in abundance in massive stars?

Iron is the heaviest element made in the bowels of any star with the exception of a supernova explosion. All natural elements heavier than iron come from one of those.

Where do heavy elements such an iron come from?

From the outer layers emitted by a supernova.outer layer of a supernova.

Where does the huge luminosity of a supernova come from?

The total size of the explosion.Imagine our Sun but 20 times bigger - now imagine all of that object being flung into space in one second. That is why it is so luminous.

How does supernova come into existence?

A supernova comes to existence when a white dwarf drains the matter from any companion star up to a point in wich it cannot carry anymore, and then it will first implode, and afterwards it will explode, a supernova.

What are 2 disadvantages gravity has on football?

you cant tackle the other person and you cant throw it:).

Were did a black hole come from?

Black holes came from old big stars that went supernova as it dies. Supernova causes the star to collapse into a black hole

Will metal fight explosion come to the US?

Yes it will come out in September 2011.

How come children cant go outer space?

because of childrens tolerance to pressure is way to low but however an adult has a greater tolerance

What is the stuff that comes out of a star during a supernova?

Gases, materials, and elements that come from the Periodic Table.

How did the supernova come about?

Well in space there are billions of stars. Stars are like humans they are born, they live for a while and eventually die out. When a star reaches the end of its life it starts to produce elements in its core such as helium and other elements but when it produces IRON it has signed its death certificate, after just a few seconds after the star has produced iron it has a supernova. A supernova is the single most destructive force known to man. A supernova will destroy anything in its path. When the supernova is over all that is left is a white dwarf which is so dense that if you was to drop a sugar cube on its surface it would sink into its core thousands of miles deep. Hope I answered your question, if you have anymore questions reply back.