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Q: How come you cant find any animals on rugrats go wild wildlife?
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Do animals reptiles birds fishes in the wild come under wildlife?

Yes, they do.

Is mining a problem to the wildlife in antarctica?

There is no mining in Antarctica, nor are there any native wildlife animals. Some sea animals come to Antarctica's beaches to breed during the summer.

What year did the rugrats movie come out?


What year did the rugrats first come out?


How come Animals are not able to make sugar?

they cant because they dont have money

Why is it important to protect Australian native animals?

So that future generations can appreciate our unique wildlife in years to come.

What are the different types of protective behavior adopted by the animals in wildlife?

Stupid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if i knew it i would never come 2 this site

When did the rugrats movie come out?

November 25, 1998

What time does rugrats come on?

6-7am on the weekends on the Nicktoons network.

What are Sweden's animals?

ther are no animals that come from Sweden. But ther are normal animals that live ther like in a zoo. for eample cats, dogs, fish, bares, lions, and other animals. But Sweden is cold so ther cant be enny animals that live in the deserts or in (maby) afirica that cant live in the cold that long.

Why are factorys bad for wildlife?

Factories are usually bad for wildlife because they release hazardous chemicals into the water nearby, contaminating it and killing the animals. Also, poisonous fumes come from the factory, polluting the air. As well as being bad for wildlife, factories that are not environmentally friendly can be bad for humans too.

What day exactly did rugrats th movie come out?

November 20, 1998

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