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How correct are the answers on WikiAnswers?


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All answers are 100% accurate and we at wikiAnswers check each and every answer to make sure they are correct.


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There is no way to guarantee that the answers on WikiAnswers are all 100% correct.

If you know an answer is wrong then correct it, that is how WikiAnswers works.

WikiAnswers does not allow thoughtful, correct answers to be replaced with snarky, incorrect responses. It is completely against WikiAnswers' rules to do so.

Anyone can put an answer to a question and there are some users who put random answers. WikiAnswers tries to correct these type of answers to the correct ones, but they can't be all caught so that is why you will find some incorrect or nonsense answers.

Wiki answers is always unreliable.

If you think there is an error in answers on WikiAnswers, you can go in and correct them. You need to be careful and be sure that the existing answer is wrong and that what you are entering is correct.

No, it is not. WikiAnswers is a very good source of information. Although some answers may be incorrect, most answers are correct and very detailed.

The answers are provided by many hundreds of WikiAnswers users, and there are many thousands that have accurate answers. If you are in doubt about any answer, please research the material. The answers are not always 100% correct.

To make answers on WikiAnswers right, you click on 'improve answer' when you see an incorrect answer, and then you can change it. The 'improve answer button is located just beneath the answer to a question.

My name is spelled on the sign in for wikki answers. HOW CAN i CORRECT THE SPELLING OF MY NAME

Unfortunately there is no correct word in Welsh for WikiAnswers....but you could say AtebionWici !!Atebion = AnswersWici = Wiki

The correct grammar structure for this sentence would be: How do you say an answer contains gibberish on WikiAnswers?

Well u are not correct answers are here too!And its called wikianswers cuz the point is that you ask and someone answers!Thats all!

Yahoo! Answers is also a good site, other than WikiAnswers. But I recommend WikiAnswers over Yahoo! Answers. WikiAnswers is the best Q&A site and it has the best community. Yahoo! Answers isn't always correct, as well, and you cannot change the answers or spellings on there. On WikiAnswers, you can edit about everything to make the site better. Yahoo! Answers you can't, and it is a poor Q&A site.

By waves... muhahahaha see.. Wikianswers gives you correct answers :)

While WikiAnswers attempts to provide correct and useful answers, you should verify this information using other sources. The answers here may provide some clues to the subject or topic, at least. (see the Disclaimer at the WikiAnswers Help Center)

WikiAnswers cannot guarantee that your question will be answered by a teacher, but there is a possibility. It doesn't matter who answers it, as long as the answer is correct.

Wiki Answers has Robots that flag answers that are not right and members if you see a Notation above a Answer please disregard it because it was not correct.

No, wikianswers is not inferior to yahoo answers.

Wiki answers has Vandelisers who edits the content to make harmful rude answers. Supervisors and staff are working very fast to get them not attacked.

You there! Some of the answers here may be a bit off but most of them are correct. WikiAnswers disclaimer1 does say that there is no guarantee that answers will be 50% or more correct though. Just ask your question and wait for someone to answer it. And you no by the look of the question !! if your answer is not answered though go to yahoo answers

Because they dont trust other sites to give them correct infomation.

If you find a wrong answer on WikiAnswers, you are welcome to correct it. That is the way WikiAnswers works, anyone can answer a question, and anyone can change what another has answered.

While the majority of answers on WikiAnswers are accurate, there are some answers posted that are not, as well as answers that have been vandalized. But there are Supervisors who are constantly patrolling the site, as well as many knowledgeable contributors who continually add valuable, correct information and remove the incorrect and vandalized answers.

Wikianswers gives personal answers (sometimes). If you get the right answerer, you are guaranteed a correct - as far as we know - answer. Google just trolls the web pages.

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