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The law allows a parent(s) to give temporary custody (3 months or less) to a family relative or qualified adult caregiver. The parent(s) must give written notarized permission for the child/children to reside with the other person(s). This authorization should include all issues pertaining to the care of the child.Specific dates for the change of residency to begin and end. Permission for the child/children to receive medical and dental care. Permission for the child/children to be enrolled, or continue in school (if applicable). Terms for the payment of financial support. And any other necessary stipulations pertaining to the individual child/children that is needed. The parent(s) must also keep regular weekly contact with the child/children and the adult caregiver. Even if this is done in the correct way, there is no guarantee that state social services will not intervene if there are problems. Any term longer than three (3) months must be handled through the prescribed legal guidelines of the state of residency.

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Q: How could a child move in with another family legally?
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Where could a child hide Christmas presents?

A child could hide them with another family member or they could hide them unger their bed

I gave my son up for adoption after dss took him from me i signed him over because i could not pay it then i ran to another state do i still have to pay child support even after he is adopted?

If the child was actually legally adopted by another family then no, you should not have to pay child support in any state.

What problems could happen when supervising an inmate who previously was a family friend?

Nothing legally, but he can make u help him in one way or another.

You are 18 and want to leave your family and move in with another family what can legally be done by your family to stop you from doing so?

This depends on where you live.You must check with your local authorities, but normally at the age of 18 you are no longer legally binded to your parents.Apart from you being their offspring.You could probably move if you wanted to. They can't do anything by law to keep you there.

The parents treats the children in accordance with his place in the family and soon the child recognizes that place.Paraphrase this sentence in two ways?

You could say "the parents treat the child good and the child know it's place". Another way is " The child know it's place in the family due to the parents treating him that way." Another way is " the parents treat the kids how they were born in that order".

Can i be a babysitter at the age of 14?

Legally, no but if you are responsible and trusted by the parents then you could babysit for the family.

What is jess's relationship with the members of his family?

that depends could by child

Can parents charge other adults because their child wants to move in with them?

I don't think so. In order for the child to legally move out of their parents home they would have to request emancipation which would leave them independent and the parents wouldn't be obligated to pay child support.Now if the child was ordered by Family Court to move to another location because the parents posed a threat to the safety and/or well being of said child... Then they could be ordered to pay child support.Look at it this way, children that don't like the rules and curfews that their parents present to them will find comfort in another family that will let that child do anything. Now if the child could get money from their parents and move to a non disciplinary enviorment they would. The biological parents would have no control over the well being of their child. And some money sucking, jobless adult would love to have this child...For a price.I'm Not an attorney and this is what I believe to be correct. If you have a legal problem you should consult an attorney.Another viewA minor child who has not been emancipated can only move out of his/her parents' home with parental or court permission. What the child wants is legally irrelevant. If the parents agree to allow the child to move in with another adult, it is up to the parents and the new guardian to come to an agreement for the financial support of the child. For example, if the child goes to live with a family member in another city so that he/she can attend a school in that area, the parents would normally agree to pay for school expenses and a monthly maintenance for the child. However, if a parent agrees to leave a child with a family member because of dire financial problems, drug problems, safety problems, etc, the new guardian would typically agree to absorb the costs involved in raising the child.However, if the agreement calls for the guardian to pay the parents, this could be construed as selling the child, and would be a felony.If the child is removed from the parents by the state, the state has the right and responsibility to seek child support payments from the parents in order the recoup the expenses of care.

If I were to get married to a man and he has a child with another woman can I fight to get that child if the mother is neglecting it?

Your husband, as the father, certainly could, and the family court will definitely take into account the fact that you're also part of the household.

What age can a child legally see a parent that the court ordered them not to?

Generally the child could make that decision once they have reached eighteen years of age.

What is the difference between bullying and child abuse?

Bullying is not limited to just hitting another member of your family. Bullying is a learned behavior. Normally the bully has seen another member of their family use bullying to enforce their will over another person. It is an imbalance of power between two people. Technically, it could happen between members of the same family. But it is most often between two unrelated people when one feels the need to enforce their will over a weaker person.

How were you born if you have two mothers?

You were born of a woman, the one who carried you through gestation. You may be the biological child of that woman or of another woman. It could be argued that either is your mother. Additionally, in marriages or permanent relationships between two women, if they have a child, the child could be said to have two mothers. And it is possible that either or neither(!) woman carried or is a biological parent of the child. Only that they are legally adoptive parents.

Can a man claim a child on his taxes if he stops paying child support?

Only if the child lives in his home OR he continues support. There is the additional consideration that legally if he is required to pay support and doesn't, his tax refund could be garnished, along with any other monies that can legally be taken in support of a minor child.

Can you still be charged with bigamy after you divorce one wife?

Yes. If you married someone while you were still legally married to another person you could be charged with bigamy depending on the laws in your jurisdiction.Yes. If you married someone while you were still legally married to another person you could be charged with bigamy depending on the laws in your jurisdiction.Yes. If you married someone while you were still legally married to another person you could be charged with bigamy depending on the laws in your jurisdiction.Yes. If you married someone while you were still legally married to another person you could be charged with bigamy depending on the laws in your jurisdiction.

Can adopted kids legally know who their birth parents are?

I would say legally, they could find out from you or government, but I don't think you are required to tell an adopted child who their true parents are...

Can you name your child Adolf Hitler?

Its Adolf Hitler and yes you can but it is out of order and will cause harm to child in future Hitler part could be your last name if you change it legally. Some parents called their children Adolf Hitler something When the authoritities knows this, they speak to council and/or the goverment and the child could legally be taking away and put in a foster home.

How do you legally put an adult child out of the house if one parent agrees to let the adult child stay?

I believe you could get a restraining order against an adult child if he/she is threatening you or your personal property.

At what age can a parent legally throw out a teenager in Texas?

In the state of Texas a person becomes legally designated an adult at the age of 18. In most cases the parent(s) will no longer be legally or financially responsible for the child (an exception could be a child support order that stipulates a different age). If the parents so choose they may request their "adult" child to move from their residence.

Can a pregnant immigrant woman get child support?

Yes, if they are legal, and the male is a legal immigrant. There are immigrants that are illegal. that does not apply to them, as they themselves could not legally apply for child support.

Is an adopted child still called a stepchild?

No! Once a child is adopted they are legally the child of the adoptive parents. The only way that child could be a step-child is if the adoptive parents divorce and the custodial parent re-marries. Then the child becomes a step-child to the new parent.

If a father signs away all rights and stops child support does the mother have to agree?

A father cannot 'sign away all his rights' in order to free himself of the obligation to support the child. It could only be done if there is another adult, such as the mother's new husband, who will legally adopt the child and assume financial responsibility.

Was Archimedes an only child?

You could say that, but there weren't as much records about his family.

What are some direct influences of the family on development?

The development of a child can be hindered if the family dynamic is ignoring the child. If a person talks baby talk to a child, that is how they will talk. If the child does not get the proper medical care and checkups, illnesses could cause the child to become withdrawn.

What are the consequences of the one child policy?

there are many punishments for the one child policy: the second child will not be registered no child benefits for parents for the second child the government could fine the family

Can a police officer threaten to take your child if you are speeding?

Speeding is a dangerous thing, that is why it is illegal. Speeding with kids in the car can be considered child endangerment. It is a stretch, but it could be legally done.