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Your cousin's Aunt (who isn't your aunt) would be YOUR MOTHER.

Or, if your cousins were related to you by their mother's side then an aunt on their father's side wouldn't be your aunt. And vice versa.

This is the one riddle where one of the answers is "YOUR MOM"

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Q: How could all of your cousins have an aunt who is not your aunt?
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How can all your cousins have an aunt that is not your aunt?

Because that person is your mother. And to your cousins she is an aunt.

How could all of your cousins have an aunt but who is your aunt?

Easy, one of your parents has more then one sibiling.

Do you call your first cousins uncle and aunt?

They could be your parents. Or they could be your aunt and uncle. The other alternative is that they are not related to you at all.

How can all your cousins have an aunt whose is not your aunt?

They're aunt is your mother. Your mother's not your aunt.

Who are your cousins cousins?

your aunt and uncle's children .your aunt and uncle are related to you which makes your cousins related to you.

What family relationship is your great aunt's great nephew to you?

You could be second cousins. Or you could be no relationship at all if they do not share a common ancestor with you.

How can an aunt of all your cousines cant be your aunt?

Your Mother is your cousins' Aunt. Therefore, she's not your Aunt. See the related question.

What are your aunt's children to you?

Your aunt's children are your cousins

Are your aunt's brother's kids your cousins?

Yes. Your aunt's brother is your uncle and his kids are your first cousins

What is your grandmother's aunt's great grandchild?

For clarity. let's call your grandmother's aunt "the aunt". Sequence of relationship: (1) The aunt's child and your grandmother are 1st cousins (2) The aunt's grandchild and one of your parents are 2nd cousins (3) The aunt's great grandchild and you are 3rd cousins

Do you have any kinship with your great aunt's cousin?

You may be related to your great aunt's cousin through your great great grandparent, who is also her grandparent.However, your great aunt could also have cousins from the side of her family that is not related to you. (Children of siblings of her father, if her mother was the sister of your great grandparent.) Those cousins are not related to you.In addition, your great aunt could be your great aunt because she married the brother of your grandparent. In that case, none of her cousins are related to you.

What are you related to your aunt's daughter?

You and your aunt's daughter are first cousins.

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