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Q: How could you fix those problem from eating lamington cakes?
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My 1year old male cocker spaniel is not eating well. What could be the problem?

he does not like it

Is Having diarrhea for 2 months now on and off what could be the problem?

your maybe eating the wrong stuff.

Should you use cooking chocolate or eating for cakes?

In a pinch, you could try substituting chocolate bars for cakes, and there are lots of delicious recipes that call for candy (eating chocolate). Generally, your best choice would be to use "cooking chocolate" or semi-sweet chocolate chips for cooking. If you don't have the type of chocolate called for in your recipe, there are many substitution charts available to help you out.

Can you eat spicy chips if you have diarrhea?

I wouldn't recommend eating spicy foods if you have diarrhea because one reason you might have it could be from a problem with your stomach and spicy food could make your stomach problem worse.

What are the causes of excessive hair fall?

It could be a wrong eating habit and diet as well as being rough on the hair as well as it could be a hormonal problem as well.

Could I use diaper cakes as a decoration?

Diaper cakes are well-liked, but you should more decorations to fill the room.

How many hours should you go without eating?

That depends, it could be 5 hours but you should not go more than 24 hours(unless you have a certain eating/health problem).

You eat 2 light meals every day but you did not lose that much weight?

Did you exercise more than usual? If not, that may be the problem. Or perhaps it could be you are not eating low-calorie foods when you do eat. Or you could have a metabolism problem, which only a doctor could diagnose.

Cat has diabetes and not eating is he dying?

My cat has diabetes and often doesn't eat very much, it could just be that your cat doesn't enjoy eating the food you give it or it could be a medical problem, the best thing is to take it to the vets to get professional help. Not eating food could also be a sign that your cat is getting too much insulin.

What fine powder could be used for cakes 5 letters?


What do you call someone who decorates cakes?

The person who decorates cakes could be a baker, if they also make bread and all sorts of baked goods and pastries. If the person specializes in making pastries, they could be called a pastry chef. Someone who only decorates cakes for special occasions would be called a cake decorator.

Where can one find help to fight eating disorders?

Eating disorder is a very dangerous thing. One can seek help from a professional, such as a doctor. You can go to your doctor and speak to him about your eating problems and he will determine whether you have an eating disorder or not. Your doctor will recommend treatment. In many cases it could be a psychological problem, in this case speak to a psychologist.