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You cant it is only for PC and laptop

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Are there eMac laptops?

yes there is an emac G4 laptop it is on eBay

Is the emac good?

I have many macs but one of them is an emac. I love the emac, it may not have the best processor etc. but is great for internet usage.

Does the eMac have a built in camera?

Apple's eMac computers did not have a built in camera.

What year did apple create Emac?

Apple's eMac was introduced in April 2002.

How do you reopen a zwinky account?

Well,you can't but you could go to Customer Support on the zwinky website and email the zwinky team

When was the first emac made?

Apple's eMac was introduced in April 2002 and was discontinued in July 2006.

If your 11 do you think you could get zwinky?

No.You have to be 13 years old or older. But, you could try junior zwinky for younger kids. Its just like zwinky, but for younger kids. :D

Does Justin Bieber go on zwinky?

i don't know or think that Justin Bieber has a Zwinky but he could.

What could be the problem if Zwinky isn't working on your computer?

Well, first of all, if your computer has security protection and watches for websites that could cause viruses, then Zwinky could of been blocked be the computer software. You could try creating a new Zwinky, and if that doesn't work, look for troubleshooting tips on other Q&A websites and the Zwinky website. There might also be a way to contact (email) a employee at Zwinky.

Is it possible to have iTunes 10 on a Emac?

It is possible to have iTunes 10 on an eMac. The eMac will need to be running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and so will need to be a later eMac model with 1 GHz processor or faster. It will not be able to play HD video and may struggle with standard video playback but other functions should work.

Zwinky how to fly?

really there no cheat to fly for zwinky sorry:/ but to fly you have to buy a zcard and you get a superpower and one could be to fly

Why does Zwinky not allow kids under 13?

Because zwinky thinks it is not safe for kids because they could give out their address to people that they think are "good people" but could be bad.

Is it okay to be 12yrs old on zwinky?

not really but there is a zwinky for 13 and under its called zwinky cutie there avatar is the same as the cuties on the zwinky for adults you get to be a jet setter get to adopt pets you could feed them play with them bath them and they also sleep yea it really fun try it

Does zwinky cuties give you viruses?

No.... Zwinky Cuties is a perfectly safe environment and doesn't have any spyware/ malware/ ect.. It is VERY safe to play Zwinky Cuties. It is NOTHING like zwinky. I promise you. Zwinky can install things without permission and is the targeted virus that can easily install on your computer. I hope I could help! x

Which is better the Apple iMac or the Apple eMac?

The iMac

What computer was first?

EMAC in 1947 was the first computer .

What does Zwinky mean?

A Zwinky is an avatar or account on the Zwinky website.

How do you get free money on zwinky?

well you could play games to get money

Who is alaa of zwinky?

Alaa of zwinky is the greatest hacker of all zwinky.

Could anyone tell you how you can get zbucks zcards and zwinky powers on zwinky free?

There is no way you can get it free. I have tried a cheat but it didn't work. You have to buy them with your real money.

How do you copy items in zwinky?

There is no way of copying any pictures or images of any sort on zwinky ANSWER: YES YOU CAN GO ON WEBFETTI ON GOOGLE everybody uses it to chgange their cursors or wallpaper or screensaver IN zwinky Answer: you can't copy past items on zwinky even if you do it would be inlegal and you could get caught and be fined for copyrighting.

Does the apple emac get wifi?

You need the airport card ( expensive )

How do you change your zwinky profile to private?

Friend my zwinky my zwinky name is patcavmet7

Why is zwinky spyware?

why is zwinky spyware

Why will my emac not boot I currently have a eMac which does not have a bad hard drive. But it refuses to boot after a failed tiger upgrade.?

Since the update failed, the files are probably corrupt and needs a new OS.

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